Superman and Lois Finale: New Photo Spoils 1 Superhero's Debut In Final Episode

New Superman & Lois set photos have revealed a brand new look for John Henry Irons in the series finale.
CW’s Superman & Lois took a well-tread angle for the Man of Steel: Fatherhood. But instead of having one young son, Jonathan, like in the comics, Clark and Lois are parents to twin teenage boys in the series.
The show has garnered much praise over the past three seasons and has consistently scored decently, ratings-wise. 
However, Superman & Lois’ Season 4 renewal came with a cost: The supporting cast was dramatically downsized, with some of its stars taking reduced roles in the final year. 
Wolé Parks’ Steel Becomes Fully Realized
Wolé Parks, who starred as John Henry Irons in the first three seasons of Superman & Lois might’ve just had his Season 4 role spoiled. 
Fresh photos from the set snapped by Canadagraphs (via UniverseoDCnauta on X) of the series finale feature graffiti scrawled on a building side that depicts Irons in his trademark armor, but without the helmet and with a flowing red cape and an ‘S’ shield on his chest. 

This image has led fans to one conclusion: John Henry Irons will fully assume the comic book-accurate role of DC hero Steel in the series.
Now, there does exist the possibility that Wolé Parks does not appear in the finale episode (he, along with most of Superman & Lois’ other cast members were unloaded following Season 3) and that the graffiti is simply meant to be an easter egg. 
 Who Is Steel, and What’s His Link to Superman?
John Henry Irons aka, Steel (not to be confused with Nick Zano’s character from Legends of Tomorrow) is a fairly prominent DC hero and frequent ally to Superman. He originally rose to popularity due to his key role in the famous Death of Superman arc from the early 1990s.
During that classic comic book event, Clark Kent perished at the hands of Doomsday (he was eventually resurrected) and John Henry’s Steel was one of the four figures who stepped up to take Superman’s place in his absence, along with Superboy, The Eradicator, and Cyborg Superman.
Then, in 1997, music-producing legend Quincy Jones and partner David Salzman, made a well-intentioned big-screen take on Steel starring NBA icon Shaquille O'Neal (It was the ‘90s, sports superstars in blockbusters was a thing). Ultimately, O’Neal’s Steel sank like a stone.
Still, the Steel character has endured through various other incarnations, including in the DC Animated Universe (voiced by Worf himself, Michael Dorn, no less). 
He’s also had a series regular part on Superman & Lois. Wolé Parks portrays John Henry Irons as a man from an alternate earth whose wife was killed by his world’s Superman, who had gone rogue. 
Upon arriving on the Earth that the show is set upon, Irons initially sets out to kill Kal-El, fearing that he could turn evil just like the other one had. But instead, the two men became friends and allies.
And if the stars have aligned, maybe Steel will put the pedal to the metal and fight alongside Clark one last time before the show comes to its conclusion.


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