Unlock Your Free Wolverine X-Men '97 Costume in 'MARVEL Strike Force'

Celebrate the finale of Marvel Animation’s X-Men ‘97, by unlocking your FREE Wolverine costume in MARVEL Strike Force! For a limited time only, players will receive a Wolverine X-Men ‘97 costume simply by logging in seven times during the month of May.

Don’t have Wolverine yet? New Players can use Promo Code WEAPONX and unlock Wolverine for free!

Stay tuned for amazing new content surrounding our upcoming Legendary character:

  • A Legendary character, Old Man Logan, who is the leader of the new “Mercs for Money” team. Other team members include DeadpoolPandapoolDaken, and the original “MARVEL Strike Force” character Deathpool.

  • The first Legendary event of 2024 will feature new modified Trials, which will be an interesting combination of old Legendary Events and Trials. You can read more here.


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