Emily Blunt"s Superhero "Honor" Means Her MCU Role Miss May Never Be Fixed

  • Emily Blunt describing not having had a superhero role as a "badge of honor" means she may never appear in the MCU.
  • Blunt was set to be the MCU's Black Widow, but instead was occupied with other acting obligations.
  • Blunt's MCU future is decidedly uncertain, but potential roles like Emma Frost or an alternate universe version of Sue Storm remain open.
Emily Blunt's comments about her lack of superhero role being a "badge of honor" means her missed role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may never end up capitalized on down the line. Blunt being the original choice for the MCU's Black Widow - only to have to pass up the role because of conflicting acting commitments for the 2010 Guilliver's Travel movie - is a well-established point of Phase 1's early Marvel movie history. However, this didn't kill the flame of hope for many MCU viewers, who would go on to fancast Blunt in several prominent Marvel roles.
With the passing of time, these hopes have come under more question, especially as some of the prospective roles audiences considered for the actor have become claimed by other people in the MCU timeline. That said, perhaps the biggest question for these hopes isn't to do with other actors, but rather Emily Blunt herself, as her statements regarding the MCU and superhero genre make it sound as though an eventual actual appearance in Marvel's on-screen franchise is less likely than some may be anticipating it is.
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Emily Blunt's Missed Avengers Role Might Remain A Missed Opportunity The MCU May Never Get To Make Up For Its Missed Black Widow Casting Close In an interview with Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling on an episode of Happy, Sad, Confused, Blunt playfully remarks to Gosling that, "I thought we wore it as a badge of honor that we weren't in superhero movies." This coincides with other statements wherein the actor mentioned preferring to take on roles without thinking they could be part of a franchise, leading to discussions about whether Blunt would wish to take up an MCU role now given how the majority of characters within it have reoccurring roles as part of the larger Marvel franchise.
With this in mind, the chances of Emily Blunt in appearing the future of the MCU - which executives have explicitly stated is more focused on reoccurring characters and sequels - do seem diminished. Things become yet more complicated in this matter when it's also taken into account that many of the roles fans had considered for the actor are no longer viable choices due to Marvel's casting history.
Many Of Emily Blunt's Biggest MCU Fancasts Have All Happened Without Her 4 Marvel Roles Have Been Cast With Other Actors Close Furthering the idea that Emily Blunt may never get to finally enter the MCU is the fact that many of the more prominent fancast choices for her superhero future have already come to fruition without her. In early Phases of the MCU, rumors abounded about the idea of Emily Blunt playing Captain Marvel, Peggy Carter, and Black Widow - with the final prospect being seemingly based on her scuppered set up to play the hero in the franchise officially. While that appears to be the only definitively real example of the roster, all three ultimately would be played by other actors.
This did leave a final popular fancasting in the mix, though, as audiences had also discussed Blunt as a more than viable candidate for the MCU's Invisible Woman, especially since her husband, John Krasinski, was also a leading pick for the Marvel character's husband, Mister Fantastic. However, Krasinski would only briefly play an alternate universe Reed Richards who would quickly be brutally dispatched by Scarlet Witch, and The Fantastic Four casting announcements revealed that Sue Storm is set to be played by Vanessa Kirby, leaving much of these options now currently closed off for casting Emily Blunt.
Who Emily Blunt Could Still Play In The MCU MCU's Future Still Leaves A Lot Of Opportunities Open Close While all this paints a somewhat grim picture for the chances of Emily Blunt ever being able to finally appear in the MCU after her Black Widow casting fell through, there are still definitely roles that would work to showcase her acting talents at their fullest. Indeed, the directions the franchise is moving in have opened up more potential future roles than perhaps ever before, meaning it's easier to imagine where Blunt could best appear should she wish to enter the fray, and more potential roles that could suit her own personal career wishes.
One of the less popular but still very viable roles that could be possible for Emily Blunt with the X-Men entering the MCU is that of Emma Frost, who has some immediate visual similarities to the stylish actor, and also would highlight her ability to play both seriously and comedically, given Frost is depicted in a range of tones to suit her sometimes-hero, sometimes-villain characterization. Similarly, a character like Magik could play well into the action prowess Blunt honed in movies like Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario - or someone more like Dazzler could simply play into Blunt's immense charisma.
Failing all of this, the Multiverse Saga has opened up the potential for Emily Blunt to play a variant of Black Widow or Sue Storm, letting the franchise retroactively capitalize on the popularity of these unused casting ideas. It's clear Emily Blunt's career wouldn't be diminished if she decided to never pick up a superhero role altogether, but the MCU does appear to have left some doors open should both parties wish to make up for their missed former connection.
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