The MCU Can Use Galactus To Fix A Major Marvel Villain Problem

  • Galactus' arrival in the MCU could signify a shift towards utilizing bigger Marvel players, like the iconic world-devouring entity.
  • The introduction of Galactus in The Fantastic Four may signal a departure from sidelining cosmic entities in the Marvel franchise.
  • As the Multiverse Saga unfolds, the MCU looks to incorporate larger heroes and villains, setting the stage for more epic storylines.
The introduction of Galactus into the Marvel Cinematic Universe can help circumvent a long-term Marvel villain issue. With the Multiverse Saga finally set to start kicking off in high gear via Deadpool & Wolverine, the new era of the MCU is about to become more clearly defined than ever before, with some major characters moving over to the franchise. However, one of the most exciting impending characters isn't in Deadpool's MCU debut, as the world-devouring Galactus has been confirmed to be part of The Fantastic Four cast, played by Ralph Ineson.
Audiences have been hoping for the likes of Galactus to appear in the MCU timeline long before the Multiverse Saga, but his arrival is perfectly timed in terms of ensuring folks are as hype for the Saga and the release of The Fantastic Four as possible. That said, the nature of Galactus' place in Marvel's comic history could also help solve another matter for the franchise as well.
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MCU's Galactus Introduction Can Move Its Bigger Marvel Players Away From The Sidelines Close The introduction of an MCU Galactus is a major revelation, as the character is focal in many major Marvel Comics storylines, meaning his impending debut appearance in The Fantastic Four sets the stage for many of these to become a reality. This is doubly true if The Fantastic Four ties the hero group to Galactus more implicitly, as this means their increased presence in the franchise would warrant an increased and consistent Galactus presence too.
Bringing the Marvel entity into the spotlight for a prolonged period would make sense given welcoming Galactus into the MCU just to write him off immediately would no doubt raise countless eyebrows. It would also allow the franchise to move away from a prior cardinal sin of sorts with its cosmic entities - namely, avoiding using them as much as possible.
Similar figures like Arishem or Dormammu, while given cool moments, have only appeared in the franchise very briefly thus far, and generally are sidelined almost immediately after their appearances despite holding huge significance and implications for the universe. With the franchise needing to convey the magnitude of the Multiverse Saga more than ever in order to bring audiences around more on it, letting a figuratively and literally colossal figure like Galactus change the playing field of the MCU and play an extensive role in it would work effectively, especially since Marvel's previous approach might make this a surprise for viewers.
Confirmed Cast Member
Role In The Fantastic Four
Ralph Ineson
Julia Garner
Shalla Bal/The Silver Surfer
Pedro Pascal
Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
Vanessa Kirby
Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman
Joseph Quinn
Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Ben Grimm/The Thing
John Malkovich
Paul Walter Hauser
Natasha Lyonne
The Multiverse Saga Is The Perfect Place To Bring The MCU's Bigger Figures & Factions To The Forefront Close The Multiverse Saga is an era of major endings and beginnings, with new heroes aplenty coinciding with things like the seeming final farewell to the Fox X-Men universe in Deadpool & Wolverine, the ending of the first Guardians of the Galaxy team, and the conclusion of Peter Parker's first movie trilogy. As such, there's seldom been a better time for bigger entities like Galactus to make major moves in the franchise, since audiences need the equilibrium and formula they've come to expect from Marvel releases disrupted as much as possible to fully reinvigorate the timeline.
Galactus is a particularly useful figure in this regard - as his world-hungering appetites mean he's a threat that could either cause galactic heroes to band together, or simply justify Earth's own heroes banding together despite any internal conflicts - but he's not exactly the only one of his kind when looking at Marvel's extensive history. Similarly, there's a wide range of Marvel factions that could totally change things up in a similar way, with fans calling for the arrival of the likes of the Midnight Sons or the return of the Defenders for this exact kind of reasoning.
MCU's Future Will Need Bigger Heroes & Villains To Play Key Roles Close The Multiverse Saga - as the name suggests - has expanded the MCU further than ever before, and the need to showcase this as a true highlight makes bringing bigger heroes and villains more into the fold imperative going forward. The franchise has repeatedly teased major storylines via the likes of Arishem vowing to return with a judgment to save or destroy humanity at the end of Eternals, or Hercules being sent by Zeus to battle Thor at the end of Thor: Love & Thunder.
Even if the MCU takes the approach of a soft reboot - which is speculated to be the case following Avengers: Secret Wars based on the comic versions of this storyline following a not dissimilar premise - that doesn't mean audiences will forget the major figures and stories promised to them, and putting off some of Marvel's most epic tales because of the scale of what they involve seems against the franchise's approach in the first place. With this in mind, it seems that this will all be capitalized on sooner rather than later, and Galactus may be just the catalyst the MCU needs.
The Fantastic Four (2025) Marvel's Fantastic Four is the first MCU movie to feature Marvel's First Family in the same live-action universe as the Avengers. It introduces the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm, and precedes Phase 6's Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.
Director Matt Shakman Release Date July 25, 2025 Writers Josh Friedman , Jeff Kaplan , Ian Springer Cast Pedro Pascal , Vanessa Kirby , Ebon Moss-Bachrach , Joseph Quinn , Ralph Ineson , Paul Walter Hauser , Natasha Lyonne , John Malkovich , Julia Garner Upcoming MCU Movies
Release Date
Deadpool & Wolverine
July 26, 2024
Captain America: Brave New World
February 14, 2025
May 5, 2025
The Fantastic Four
July 25, 2025
November 7, 2025
Avengers 5
May 1, 2026
Avengers: Secret Wars
May 7, 2027


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