Ryan Reynolds Nails The Big Problem With The MCU’s Post-Credits Scenes

  • Deadpool & Wolverine breaks the tradition of MCU post-credit scenes, with Ryan Reynolds taking aim at their commercial-like nature.
  • The movie includes a QR code that leads to a video where Reynolds pokes fun at the lack of a post-credit scene in a satirical manner.
  • The MCU faces a challenge in delivering on the multitude of teasers set up in post-credit scenes, with pressure mounting to fulfill promises.
While promoting Deadpool & Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds has absolutely nailed the biggest problem with the MCU's post-credit scene tradition. Deadpool & Wolverine is just two months away from release and is already breaking conventions by selling tickets well in advance of the typical window for blockbuster releases. Yet according to Ryan Reynolds, this isn't the only convention the movie will be breaking as he takes aim at one long-established trope within MCU movies that has since become a staple of comic book movies altogether.
More footage for Deadpool & Wolverine was recently unveiled as part of Disney's ticket sale announcement, which featured an as-yet-unseen clip at the tail-end of the trailer. Additionally, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it QR code has been inserted between Wolverine's legs in the slow-motion shot of Deadpool and Wolverine striding confidently from around a corner at the beginning. This code opens up a YouTube video in which Ryan Reynolds reels off a tongue-in-cheek disclaimer about Deadpool & Wolverine. The full video can be viewed below:
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Ryan Reynolds Calls MCU Credits Scenes "Commercials For Another Movie" Close In addition to diminishing the substance of Deadpool & Wolverine, lambasting it as a "vapid dreamland," Reynolds' disclaimer states that it will not feature the "mandatory" post-credits sequence typical of Marvel movies. He then goes on to call these commercials for movies that will end with commercials for further movies. This is referencing the many cliffhanger post-credits scenes that set up sequels in the MCU, something which began with Iron Man and Nick Fury's recruitment of a special team.
While the QR code leads to a behind-the-scenes shot of Reynolds stating that Deadpool & Wolverine will not feature a post-credits scene, another video released via official channels omits this line and the commentary of post-credits scenes entirely.
The disclaimer video is obviously not to be taken seriously, as is typical of Reynolds' Deadpool promo drives. It does, however, deliver some cutting remarks about the state of the superhero genre - and the characters within them - that are difficult to deny. While the Deadpool & Wolverine post-credits scene has already been all but confirmed to exist by various sources, Reynolds' follow-up statement about these scenes being glorified commercials is not beyond the pale.
Why Ryan Reynolds Is Right About The MCU's Post-Credits Scenes Close Of the 56 MCU movie post-credit scenes so far, just 13 comprise scenes that don't tease future installments. These include the drumming ant at the end of Ant-Man and The Wasp, Captain America breaking the fourth wall at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the iconic shawarma scene at the end of The Avengers. With the remaining post-credits scenes teasing future projects with varying degrees of transparency, it is at least plain to see that Reynolds kind of has a point.
In fact, six MCU movies feature post-credit scenes that have been ripped straight from another movie - such as a scene featuring Bucky, Cap, and Falcon from Captain America: Civil War being featured at the end of Ant-Man. Spider-Man: No Way Home, meanwhile, was the latest movie to feature an entire trailer for an upcoming MCU installment in the form of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. While there is arguably a demand for these advertisements, Marvel is now increasingly in danger of failing to deliver on its post-credits promises.
Post-Credits Set-Ups Still Awaiting Confirmation
Movie They Appeared In
MCU Phase
Project involving a villainous Mordo
Doctor Strange
Project involving Scorpion
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Shang-Chi 2
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
Project involving Xu Xialing's Ten Rings
Project involving Starfox
Project involving Dane Whitman
Spider-Man 4
Spider-Man: No Way Home
Doctor Strange 3
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Thor 5
Thor: Love and Thunder
Black Panther 3
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
MCU Phase 5's release slate is fully confirmed, leaving a conspicuous gap between certain sequels set up in MCU Phases 3 and 4. Typically, sequels are released in either the same MCU phase or one phase later, which hasn't happened for several recent MCU movies, and the post-credits set-ups are starting to cause significant congestion. The fact that Marvel has ramped up its release schedule in recent years has caused post-credits promises to exponentially increase, putting immense pressure on the Studio as fans now expect new projects featuring characters like Starfox and Black Knight.
Furthermore, Marvel has narratively cornered itself regarding certain story beats, such as a villainous Baron Mordo of Earth-616 appearing in a future Doctor Strange movie, despite Strange now facing multiversal threats.
How Marvel Can Fix Their Post-Credits Scene Problem With so many future MCU projects teased, the MCU is faced with just one option: to deliver on its promises. While they may not have been officially confirmed or announced, certain projects like Spider-Man 4 and Doctor Strange 3 are more nailed down than others, thanks to the proven profitability of their respective franchises. Things get a little murkier, however, when it comes to paying off the post-credits scene of Eternals, a movie that did not perform as well as hoped at the box office and failed to inspire much of a fanbase for the eponymous heroes.
Thankfully for the MCU, these projects don't all have to happen in MCU Phase 6. The fact that Disney has recently confirmed that it will be toning down the rapid release schedule to focus on quality over quantity in the wake of a disappointing 2023 is a good thing, and projects such as ones involving Dane Whitman and Starfox aren't necessarily constrained to the Multiverse Saga. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for other upcoming MCU movies and shows to pay off multiple teases, such as Spider-Man 4 addressing Scorpion and the symbiote in one movie.
The post-credits scene of Eternals setting up Black Knight also featured the voice of Blade, suggesting that he may appear in MCU Phase 6's Blade movie.
Deadpool & Wolverine Could Be A Perfect Time To Fix The MCU's Credits Scene Problem Close Much like the "secret" behind-the-scenes footage of Reynolds' disclaimer, Deadpool & Wolverine is the best-placed movie to address the backlog of post-credits advertisements directly. The best place to do this, meanwhile, would be in the post-credits scene of Deadpool & Wolverine itself. The Deadpool franchise is no stranger to poking fun at the practice after all, as the post-credits scene of Deadpool saw Deadpool in a gown telling the audience to go home as the movie was over. He did, however, tease the arrival of Cable - which was then delivered on in Deadpool 2.
Hopefully, this is something that Deadpool & Wolverine will continue. All we know of any possible Deadpool & Wolverine post-credits scene so far is that it has impressed Deadpool's creator Rob Leifeld, who recently seemed to confirm insider reports that it was going to be "mind-blowing." Combined with the fact that the movie was teased as an "easter egg farm" by Director Shawn Levy, the post-credits scene from Deadpool & Wolverine could finally help to tie up some loose ends rather than introduce some new ones.
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