Homelander vs. Superman: The Only Actor In The Boys & DC Shows Weighs In

  • Jack Quaid believes Superman would win in a battle against Homelander, but acknowledges his version of Superman has room to grow.
  • The debate between Superman and Homelander's power is ongoing, with fans discussing the outcome of a potential showdown between the two.
  • If a crossover ever happens between My Adventures with Superman and The Boys, viewers may finally see Superman face off against Homelander.
My Adventures with Superman lead star Jack Quaid, who voices the titular DC hero, reveals who he thinks would win between the Man of Steel and The Boys' Homelander. The Man of Steel is getting ready to return to the small screen as My Adventures with Superman season 2 is arriving this weekend on Adult Swim. Following the big ending of My Adventures with Superman season 1, Clark Kent's Kryptonian journey is just getting started.
In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, promoting My Adventures with Superman season 2, Quaid, who also stars as Hughie Campbell on Prime Video's The Boys, was asked who he thinks would win in a battle between Superman and Homelander. Now that Quaid has taken part in both superhero universes, including voicing Krypton's last son, the actor gave the following response in who would come out victorious in a showdown:
Screen Rant: Now that you have played Superman - and let's say if you had this conversation with Antony Starr, I don't know if he'll be watching this - would you say Superman beats Homelander in a showdown?
Jack Quaid: He has to, right? Like if he doesn't, we're all in trouble. I think my particular version of Superman has a lot of growing to do, and he still needs to discover some more of the powers that we all know are in there but give him a few seasons, and he can take Homelander, for sure.


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