My Adventures With Superman Stars Jack Quaid, Alice Lee & Ishmel Sahid Tease Season 2 Arcs

  • My Adventures with Superman season 2 introduces new threats, including Brainiac and General Zod, raising the stakes for the trio.
  • Clark, Lois, and Jimmy continue to evolve in season 2, with Lois competing as a reporter and Jimmy navigating newfound responsibilities.
  • Fans can expect exciting crossovers and deeper character development in season 2, premiering on May 25 with weekly episodes airing on Adult Swim.
The cast of My Adventures of Superman teases the new arcs in season 2 of the DC animated series. One of the new superhero properties in 2023 was My Adventures with Superman season 1, serving as a new animated exploration of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen during their early years in Metropolis. As Clark is figuring himself out as Superman, Lois is on her journey to become one of DC Universe's most iconic reporters, while Jimmy is coming into his own as a media creator.
The ending of the first season teased that Brainiac is on its way, alongside a mysterious Kryptonian who is meant to be General Zod, setting up new and higher stakes in My Adventures with Superman season 2. For the sophomore season, My Adventures of Superman has been teasing that Krypton is coming, although how this will be executed remains to be seen. As old players are coming back, new faces are also making their debut in this continuity, including Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Supergirl.


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