My Adventures With Superman Cast On DC Crossovers & Live-Action Hopes

  • Jack Quaid mentioned he would love to work with David Corenswet, who is set to be Superman in James Gunn's movie.
  • Ishmel Sahid jokes about bringing himself into the show, while Alice Lee hopes for actors from Smallville to appear.
  • The My Adventures with Superman stars are open to playing their characters in live-action for James Gunn's DC Universe.
The stars of My Adventures with Superman share who they would love to appear from other DC media on their show and their hopes of playing their characters in live-action. It has been nearly a year since the ending of My Adventures with Superman season 1, as Warner Bros. Discovery's new animated series on the Man of Steel began a new chapter for the hero on the small screen. With a lot of questions left unanswered, My Adventures with Superman season 2 is getting ready to finally launch this week.
Ahead of the My Adventures of Superman season 2 premiere, Screen Rant interviewed the show's leading trio, Jack Quaid (Clark Kent/Superman,) Alice Lee (Lois Lane,) and Ishmel Sahid (Jimmy Olsen) about what to expect in the new season. As there have been numerous actors to play their iconic characters in live-action, Quaid, Lee, and Sahid were asked if there were any former Superman, Lois, and Jimmy actors they would love to see guest star in the series, even as animated versions of their respective characters, and shared the following:
Screen Rant: One of my favorite episodes last season was the League of Lois Lanes and the whole Multiverse aspect. I'm hoping we may get to see that again at some point. If you guys could, because there have been a lot of actors who played all three of your characters, are there any Superman, Lois, and Jimmy actors you would love to have come on the show and kind of play their own character in animation, as a crossover?
Jack Quaid: That's a really good question. Forever ago, I did this pilot that never got picked up with David Corenswet, who is about to be Superman in James Gunn's movie, so I just want to work with David again, because he's awesome. So bring him bring him in there, that's my easy answer.
Ishmel Sahid: That's a really good question. I would bring myself in it!
Jack Quaid: Live-action Ishmel [as Jimmy] playing yourself, I just need that!
Alice Lee: I guess for me, anyone from the Smallville world would be cool, just because I watched it growing up, so any of them would be super cool. And also Rachel Brosnahan, I think she's amazing, so that would also be very cool.
On the subject of James Gunn's DC Universe, Screen Rant also asked the My Adventures with Superman stars if they would ever be interested in playing their characters in live-action through DC Studios' upcoming franchise, as they gave the following responses:
Screen Rant: I would love to see you guys even play your own characters in live action - with crossovers being possible now between animation and live-action, Jack, you know that very, very well, [Through his work on Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,] would you want to take part, at some point, in James Gunn's DC Universe, if he came and asked?
Jack Quaid: A resounding yes! [laughs] Yeah. I'd do it in any way, it's so cool. [If it's] animation or live-action, I think we're all down, yeah.
Alice Lee: Also, I think for me, I haven't seen an actual Asian Lois Lane, so [to play her] in live-action, that would be cool. So yes, a resounding yes, like Jack said.


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