Deadpool Steals Wolverine"s Claws In Bizarre New Deadpool 3 Ad

  • Deadpool and Wolverine engage in a live-action battle with a bizarre twist in an unexpected new advertisement.
  • Ryan Reynolds shares the ad on his YouTube channel, showcasing Wolverine's missing claws during the fight.
  • Excitement grows for the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine movie set to release on July 26, 2024, directed by Shawn Levy.
Excitement is on the rise for Deadpool & Wolverine to finally let the two titular frenemies finally duke it out in live action, but an unexpected new advertisement puts a bizarre twist on the Marvel heroes' clash. Deadpool & Wolverine have already shown clips of the pair brawling brutally with their blades and regenerative healing factor. Early marketing also reveals that Wolverine is having some trouble - at least at some point - getting his claws to pop out in full. Now, a new advertisement plays with that concept to deliver an unexpected answer to what's wrong with Logan's claws.
The ad, posted by Ryan Reynolds to his personal YouTube channel, picks up mid-battle as Wolverine and Deadpool fight in the woods. Wolverine attempts to pop out his iconic claws, only to discover they're missing. Watch the ad to see where they went below:
While the ad initially appears to be footage from the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine, it quickly becomes clear that it isn't - though parts of the scene may find their way into the movie. However, it's all but certain that Deadpool & Wolverine won't feature a mid-movie Heineken promotion.
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Why Deadpool & Wolverine May Be Fighting In Their Upcoming Movie While it seems quite clear that Deadpool and Wolverine won't be fighting so that Wade can make new Heineken cans, they clearly find reason to come to blows. Given the intense personalities of both heroes, it's not difficult to imagine why that may be. The first and possibly most likely answer is that Wolverine just finds Deadpool annoying and wants to be left alone. Wolverine has previously reacted brashly to being recruited to teams when he's not interested, and he may think killing Wade is the only way to get the mercenary out of his life.
Of course, that's not the only possibility. Early trailers revealed that this variant of Wolverine failed his universe. It's unclear what that means or if Logan is truly to blame, but it seems in character for Deadpool to make light of the situation, angering Wolverine by making jokes about something deeply tragic. If true, the conflict could be much more personal.
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However, regardless of what happens between Logan and Wade, it's clear that the duo will eventually get past their differences—presumably to battle the villainous Cassandra Nova. Nova, who is the evil twin of Professor Charles Xavier in the comics, is a formidable telepath who will certainly take significant resources to take down. After they assumedly succeed, the possibilities are endless for what lies next for the pair after the events of Deadpool & Wolverine.
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