Smallville: Tom Welling"s Older Superman Gets A Plaid Cape In New Art

  • Fan art imagines Tom Welling's Superman in a plaid cape paying tribute to Smallville's Kent Farm roots.
  • While stylish, a plaid cape may not be practical for Superman, potentially compromising his secret identity.
  • Smallville's depiction of Superman remains celebrated, with Tom Welling's portrayal being highly praised.
A piece of Smallville fan art has imagined the perfect costume for Tom Welling's older Superman that pays tribute to his Kent Farm roots in the DC show. As the longest-running sci-fi series in North American history, Smallville dove deep into Superman's story, depicting Clark Kent's genesis as Superman across 217 episodes. For Superman fans, it remains one of the definitive depictions of Superman lore, with Tom Welling's rendition being among the most celebrated depictions of Superman in live-action. Much of this story had Kent Farm, where Clark Kent was raised before later taking ownership of it, at its heart.
A piece of art shared by prolific fan art account @buffy2ville via Instagram tributes this central aspect of Clark Kent's life perfectly, by depicting Welling's Superman in an unusual outfit with a plaid cape. While Superman's costume is perhaps his most instantly recognizable and famous feature, this reimagining puts an interesting spin on the concept by having Kent sport a practical pair of jeans with a cape that seems directly inspired by one of his preferred plaid shirts. It is certainly an interesting variation on a tried-and-true concept, but doesn't look out of place on an older version of Superman.


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