Every Way X-Men "97 Secretly Set Up Onslaught For Season 2

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for X-Men '97
  • X-Men '97 sets up Onslaught by featuring references to the classic villain, created via a merging of Xavier and Magneto's dark psyches.
  • The finale includes multiple references, including Magneto's global EMP, Wolverine's brutal defeat, Xavier wearing Magneto's helmet, and more key elements of potential foreshadowing.
  • X-Men '97 may feature the future involvement of Onslaught in new seasons of the animated series.
X-Men '97 featured multiple references and elements setting up the classic villain Onslaught for future seasons. A powerful merging of the darkest parts of both Xavier and Magneto's psyches, the new animated Marvel show certainly wanted its audiences to think Onslaught would debut by the series finale before ultimately subverting expectations in some very dynamic ways. However, that doesn't mean the classic Marvel villain won't appear in future seasons.
X-Men '97's three-part finale features non-stop action sequences with multiple impending threats. Ultimately, the X-Men split up into two teams to tackle both Bastion with his new Prime Sentinels as well as a vengeful Magneto who sought dark justice against humanity following his capture and the horrific events of Genosha. Featuring multiple elements serving as key set-up for an even bigger threat, here's every way X-Men '97 sets up Onslaught for future seasons of the popular animated Marvel series.
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13 Magneto's Presumed Death After Genosha Mirroring Marvel Comics' Fatal Attractions Close Having been presumed dead during the horrific events of Genosha following X-Men '97 episode 5, Magneto's presumed death is not unlike his presumed death in the comics after the fall of Asteroid M. This was featured in 1993's Fatal Attractions storyline, a major event that led to the birth of Onslaught in the comics with the merging of Xavier and Magneto's dark psyches.
12 Magneto's Global EMP Fatal Attractions Close Having been captured by Bastion rather than being killed on Genosha, Magneto was freed by Val Cooper as seen in X-Men 97's three-part finale. Seeking vengeance, Magento went to the North Pole where he unleashed a massive global EMP, shutting down major electronics and first-world infrastructure across the planet. This also mirrors Fatal Attractions and Magneto's global EMP first seen on the page back in 1993.
11 The Return of Asteroid M Reversing The Comics Close Following his EMP, Magneto brings back Asteroid M which had already fallen in the original X-Men animated series. Making it his stronghold once more, the rise of Asteroid M flips its fall in the original comics. Offering members of the X-Men places by his side on Asteroid M, the classic base of operations for the Master of Magnetism also serves as some set-up for Onslaught, not only tied to the events of Fatal Attractions but also becoming the location where Xavier and Magneto have their critical showdown of the minds.
10 Xavier Wearing Magneto's Helmet Key Foreshadowing Close Angered by Xavier's attempts to forcibly enter his mind and control him, Magneto forces his old friend to don his helmet. Branding him a traitor to his own kind, Magneto raises Charles up for all his students to see. To that end, the image of Xavier wearing Magneto's helmet is as dark as it is exciting, undoubtedly foreshadowing the dawn of Onslaught in this animated Marvel universe, existing as the darkest combination of the two powerful mutant leaders.
9 Wolverine's Brutal Adamantium Defeat Directly Sets Up Onslaught Close While distracted by Charles, Wolverine stabs Magneto in the back with his claws, seriously injuring the Master of Magnetism and mirroring the X-Men's confrontation with Magneto in 1993's Fatal Attractions. Likewise, Magneto's brutal response by ripping out the adamantium from Wolverine's bones is mirrored as well, exactly as it was first depicted in the comics. The same goes for Xavier's anger and actions following Wolverine's defeat.
8 X-Men '97's Magneto Protocols Magneto vs The World Close Known as the Magneto Protocols, the original UN defense plan in the comics was a series of satellites constructed to inhibit Magneto's powers. Viewed as an act of war, Magneto unleashed his global EMP in response. X-Men '97's version is different in that the Magneto Protocols are a series of missiles built to destroy Asteroid M and were only used after Magneto's EMP in the animated series. Despite the changes, it still ties in with the events of Fatal Attractions and the origin point of Onslaught.
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7 Xavier's Mental Battle With Magneto Xavier Forcing His Way Into Erik's Mind Close Forcing his way into Magneto's mind after Logan's brutal defeat, Fatal Attractions saw Xavier wiping Erik's mind completely. This led to the darkest parts of both his and Magneto's psyches unknowingly merging as one sentient and incredibly powerful villain known as Onslaught. To that end, it certainly seemed as though X-Men '97's Xavier was going to do the same. However, the animated series ended up going in a different direction with a much different resolution (at least for now).
6 Magneto's Temporary Amnesia In X-Men '97 5 Led To The Birth of Onslaught In The Comics Close At the onset of X-Men '97's final episode, Magneto's mirrored amnesia just like in the comics' Fatal Attractions seemed to hint that Onslaught was right around the corner. However, Xavier is far more noble in the animated series, working to help Magneto remember who he was while also helping him face his past darkness and trauma.
Although there was certainly a risk that their minds could have both been broken (and subsequently opening the door for Onslaught), the two old friends found resolution with Magneto helping to save the world before he, Xavier, and all the X-Men were sent both backward and forward in time. However, it's still possible that Xavier's attempt to help Magneto with his darkness could have unintended and future consequences in later seasons with the dawn of Onslaught.
4 Bastion's Upgraded Sentinel Body Onslaught Has Connections To Sentinels Close Using Cable to give himself an upgraded body in X-Men '97's finale, Bastion's Sentinel form looks exactly like his appearance in the comics' Second Coming storyline which was his final battle against the X-Men. However, Bastion was not accounted for and may have survived by the show's end. As such, one could easily see Magneto and Xavier's shared residual darkness perhaps finding a home by possessing Bastion, providing a remixed origin for the classic villain in future seasons. After all, Bastion's final form and Onslaught do share some key visual similarities and the duo does have Sentinel connections in the comics.
3 Radio Referencing Onslaught's First Comics Appearance Debuted in June 1996 Close During Bastion's Prime Sentinel attack, X-Men '97 episode 10 features multiple heroes and the overall public reacting to news reports (including Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson). This also includes two civilians listening to the UN report on their car radio with the station 1996.06. This is a critical reference to the comics seeing as how June 1996 was the year in which Onslaught first appeared in the comics, having been born from the events of 93's Fatal Attractions.
2 Bishop's Return In X-Men '97 Bishop Plays A Key Role Against Onslaught Close Following the original team's disappearance into the timestream by the finale's end, Bishop meets with Forge to come up with a plan and form a new team of X-Men to save the OG members. This could also serve as some potential set-up, seeing as how Bishop played a key role in saving the X-Men's lives from Xavier who was corrupted by Onslaught during the Onslaught Saga, having known thanks to his knowledge from the future that the X-Men were once betrayed. While it's currently unknown who or what sent the X-Men through time, perhaps Onslaught is involved alongside other notable candidates (like Apocalypse).
1 Major New X-Men Teased For 97's Future Many Had Roles In Fatal Attractions Close It's also worth noting that many of Forge's potential candidates to become new X-Men in X-Men '97 season 2 had roles in the comics' Fatal Attractions. This includes Magik who had recently died and was being mourned by her brother Colossus. These roles were given to the late Gambit and Rogue in X-Men '97, especially after Rogue chose to join Magneto after his EMP just like Colossus did on the page.
Exodus is also on Forge's list who was a follower of Magneto in Fatal Attractions, as is Quicksilver who had a minor role in the comic story as well. As such, their teased inclusion could serve as an exciting homage when and if Onslaught makes his way to future seasons of X-Men '97.
All episodes of X-Men '97 are now streaming on Disney+.
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