Superman Star Finally Reveals His Impressive Superhero Physique as Fans React to New DCU Suit

After many months of patient waiting, we have finally had our first look at David Corenswet as the DCU’s Superman. And the reaction has been a little mixed. Writer, director, and DCU head James Gunn shared the first image of Corenswet as Superman yesterday, with the image showing the actor in the process of suiting up while Metropolis is under attack. Combining classic details such as the spit curl and the red trunks with more modern additions like a collar and lines and markings on his arms, it's clear that the suit is not exactly what anyone was expecting.
We begin with the positives, with one Superman fan taking to social media to say, “This image just screams both "A James Gunn Film" and "Superman's just a guy".....And I love that,” while another adds, “I do love how there's been so much comparison with Superman as a messiah figure and we just get a photo of him in an apartment pulling his boots up like a normal dude. It's pretty amazing.”

Others have been looking at the image for clues, with some wondering whether this will be a homemade suit as often appears in the comics while others have already created their own artwork in the hopes of showing off the suit in all its glory...

However, while there has been a lot of positivity about the new suit, many of the reactions have been pretty mixed. Many have questioned not just the suit itself, but the image used to make the first reveal. “This is legit a bad first look. The movie can be great! David can be great, Gunn can direct the [sh*t] out of this movie! But this will always be a terrible, thoughtless, first look at such an iconic character,” says one disappointed fan.


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