'X-Men: From the Ashes Infinity Comic' Launches on Marvel Unlimited

Over the last few months, new series announcements have revealed what awaits in the X-Men’s From the Ashes era. Set around—and beyond—the globe, the upcoming titles see new teams assemble to take on emerging threats to mutantkind, beloved characters fulfill their long-awaited destiny as solo heroes, and other groups of mutants come together to survive a world that fears them now more than ever.
They may share the same dream, but they have different missions. Harkening back to classic X-Men storytelling while embracing the franchise’s modern evolution, From the Ashes is an exciting fresh start for longtime fans and newcomers alike!
Before the books kick off this summer, Marvel Unlimited subscribers can check out an all-new X-MEN: FROM THE ASHES INFINITY COMIC now! Written by superstar creator Alex Paknadel, the ongoing series is the bridge between the X-Men’s era of before and the era to come.
The Infinity Comic picks up after the fall of Krakoa in X-MEN #35 and leads directly into Jed MacKay’s highly anticipated X-MEN #1 print book in July, where Cyclops and his new team will battle on the frontlines for the destiny of their kind. Following today’s launch, the Infinity Comic will roll out weekly every Monday through August.
In Issue #1 of the Infinity Comic, Cyclops may be the inheritor of Xavier’s dream, but Phoenix is fire and life incarnate! Where and when can this super-powered couple take some time for themselves? What does it mean for their future together? And what deadly force threatens their relationship?
Available on 6/5 on Marvel Unlimited
Marvel’s Infinity Comics are a vertical format designed for phones and tablets exclusive to Marvel Unlimited. Since launching in September 2021, Marvel Unlimited has published over 1,000 Infinity Comics to date from over 300 top Marvel creators.


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