Recasting Wasp For Avengers 5: 10 Best Actor Choices After Evangeline Lilly"s Recent Comments

  • Evangeline Lilly is stepping away from acting and, presumably the MCU, leaving a gap for a new Wasp in Avengers 5.
  • Zooey Deschanel, Dakota Johnson, and Alicia Vikander are potential replacements for Lilly as the Wasp.
  • These actresses bring unique qualities that could reinvigorate the character and elevate the MCU's future.
Evangeline Lilly is seemingly leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, prompting speculation over who could replace her in time for Avengers 5. Evangeline Lilly has announced that she is "stepping away" from acting, including her role as Hope van Dyne, aka the Wasp in the MCU timeline. This poses a problem for the MCU's future, in which Lilly's Wasp was assumed to play a pivotal role. However, several actors would be particularly adept at taking over the role seamlessly, perhaps even using the MCU's multiverse to integrate a new Hope van Dyne into the franchise.
Lilly first appeared in the MCU in 2015's Ant-Man, where she was introduced as an alternate, younger version of the Wasp known as Hope van Dyne. This rendition combined elements of her mother, the original Wasp Janet van Dyne, with the Marvel Comics character Hope Pym to create a modernized version of the superhero to work alongside Scott Lang's Ant-Man. Lilly's Wasp subsequently appeared in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Avengers: Endgame, and What If...?
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10 Zooey Deschanel Was The Original Choice For The MCU's Wasp Zooey Deschanel Is Known For Her Roles In New Girl And 500 Days Of Summer Close Zooey Deschanel would make a fantastic Wasp in the MCU. Known for her quirky and charming on-screen presence, Deschanel has the perfect blend of charisma, humor, and intelligence to bring Hope Van Dyne to life. Interestingly, Deschanel was Joss Whedon's original choice for the MCU's Wasp in an early draft of The Avengers when it was unclear if Scarlett Johansson was available to reprise her role as Black Widow.
Deschanel's versatility as an actress is evident from her diverse filmography, ranging from the whimsical to the serious. This range ensures she can handle the action-packed sequences and emotional depth required for the Wasp. Her comedic timing would also add a fresh, lighthearted dynamic that would complement Paul Rudd’s nonchalant humor. Deschanel's unique screen presence could reinvigorate the character with her inherent likability, while also fulfilling a decades-old casting tease.
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9 Dakota Johnson Could Redeem Her Previous Comic Book Disaster Dakota Johnson Previously Appeared In Sony's Madame Web Close Dakota Johnson would be an excellent choice to replace Lilly’s Wasp in the MCU. With her extensive experience in a diverse range of movie genres, Johnson has proven her versatility and capability to take on complex roles. From romantic dramas like Fifty Shades of Grey to psychological horror in Suspiria, she has consistently delivered compelling performances that showcase her depth and adaptability as an actress across several genres.
Johnson’s foray into the comic book genre with the critically panned Madame Web. While it demonstrated her potential in this field, the role did not fully allow her to flourish. Playing the Wasp in the MCU would give her the material and platform to truly shine, redeeming her superhero history. Johnson's ability to convey both strength and vulnerability would allow for a nuanced portrayal of Hope Van Dyne, balancing the character's heroic prowess with poignancy.
8 Alicia Vikander Has A History Of Playing Action Heroes Alicia Vikander Is Known For Her Roles In Tomb Raider, Jason Bourne, And The Danish Girl Close Alicia Vikander would be a superb choice to portray the next Wasp in the MCU thanks to her strong history of playing action heroes. Her portrayal of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot demonstrated her athleticism, resilience, and capability to lead a major action franchise, making her a fitting candidate for a superhero role. In addition to her action credentials, Vikander's performance in Ex Machina highlights her ability to bring complexity to her characters.
Vikander’s experience in action-packed roles and her ability to infuse them with authenticity and emotion makes her a compelling choice. The Wasp requires a balance of strength and intellect, qualities that Vikander can expertly embody. As the Wasp, Vikander could seamlessly integrate into the MCU, offering a fresh and dynamic portrayal that would resonate with audiences and elevate the character’s presence in the superhero ensemble.
7 Jessica Chastain Can Handle Emotionally Complex Roles Jessica Chastain Previously Appeared In The X-Men's Dark Phoenix Close With her ability to handle emotionally complex roles, Jessica Chastain would be an excellent choice to replace Lilly as the Wasp in the MCU. Chastain has consistently delivered nuanced and powerful performances in films such as Zero Dark Thirty and Molly's Game. Her ability to convey deep sentiments and inner strength would bring a rich, layered portrayal to Hope Van Dyne, providing a solid emotional core for future MCU installments. This could be valuable in dealing with the profound ramifications of her mother’s actions depicted in Quantumania.
Chastain's experience in the comic book genre, notably her role in Dark Phoenix, highlighted her ability to navigate the unique demands of a superhero narrative. Despite the film's mixed reception, Chastain's performance stood out, proving she can effectively work in the superhero genre. Indeed, Chastain’s performance in Dark Phoenix demonstrated her ability to command the screen and bring gravity to fantastical elements.
6 Milla Jovovich Could Easily Replace Evangeline Lilly Milla Jovovich Is Known For Her Roles In Resident Evil And The Fifth Element Close With her impressive history in the action genre, Milla Jovovich would be a strong candidate to replace Lilly as the MCU’s Wasp. Jovovich has proven her ability to handle intense physical roles with skill and charisma, most notably in the Resident Evil franchise. Her extensive experience in action-packed films means she can seamlessly step into the role of a superhero, bringing both credibility and excitement to the character of Hope Van Dyne.
Jovovich's experience in leading action franchises makes her adept at anchoring a franchise. Moreover, Jovovich’s physical resemblance to Lilly adds to her suitability for the role. This visual continuity would help maintain a sense of familiarity for audiences, easing the transition between actors. Jovovich's striking looks and commanding screen presence would ensure that the Wasp remains a standout character in the MCU.
5 Rebecca Ferguson Has Ample Action Experience Rebecca Ferguson Is Known For Her Roles In Mission Impossible And Dune Close Rebecca Ferguson would be an excellent replacement for Lilly in the MCU. Her performances as Ilsa Faust in the Mission: Impossible films have showcased her impressive action abilities, demonstrating that she can handle physically demanding roles with agility and vigor. Ferguson's portrayal proved she can deliver the kind of thrilling, high-stakes action required for a modern Marvel movie.
Additionally, Ferguson's role in the Dune movies highlighted her talent for performing convincingly in complex sci-fi narratives and special effects-laden environments. Her portrayal of Lady Jessica combined profundity with a commanding presence, proving she can navigate intricate storylines and layered characters effectively. With her blend of action experience and ability to handle sophisticated sci-fi concepts, Ferguson would bring both strength and subtlety to the role of Hope Van Dyne in the MCU’s Avengers 5 and beyond.
4 Mackenzie Davis Has A Proven Sci-Fi History Mackenzie Davis Is Known For Her Roles In Terminator: Dark Fate And Blade Runner 2049 Close Mackenzie Davis would be a compelling choice to portray Hope van Dyne in the MCU. Her diverse resume, including roles in Blade Runner 2049, The Martian, and Black Mirror, depicts her versatility in tackling a wide range of sci-fi characters. In each of these, Davis consistently delivered strong performances in fantastical environments, making her well-suited to take on the complex character of Hope.
Davis's ability to portray resilient characters in futuristic settings is an ideal perspective for the role of the MCU’s Wasp. Her experience in the sci-fi genre demonstrates her comfort with navigating intricate narratives and handling high-stakes action sequences, essential qualities for a superhero character in the MCU. With her proven track record and ability to captivate audiences in diverse roles, Davis would undoubtedly breathe new life into Hope van Dyne.
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3 Eliza Dushku Has A Strong History In Fantasy Franchises Eliza Dushku Is Known For Her Roles In Buffy The Vampire Slayer And Dollhouse Close With her extensive experience in fantasy franchises, Eliza Dushku would be an excellent choice to replace Lilly as Hope van Dyne in the MCU. Dushku has a proven track record of playing distinctive, strong characters in complex narratives in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse. These depicted Dushku’s ability to blend toughness with poignant depth, making her a compelling fit for the superhero role.
Dushku's trademark delivery, characterized by her edgy, assertive presence, could help evolve the character of Hope van Dyne into a more distinct and memorable rendition. Her unique acting style would bring a fresh dynamic to the Wasp, making the character stand out in the crowded MCU roster. Dushku's combination of action experience and nuanced performance skills would ensure that her portrayal of Hope van Dyne is both captivating and multi-faceted, adding a new dimension to the stalwart Avengers member.
2 Emily Blunt Could Make Up For Her Lost Marvel Role Emily Blunt Was The First Choice For The MCU's Black Widow Close Emily Blunt would be an outstanding choice to portray the Wasp in the MCU. Her extensive history in the action genre, with standout performances in Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario, underscores her ability to handle physically demanding roles with grace and intensity. Blunt's proven action chops and commanding screen presence make her a natural fit for a superhero role.
Interestingly, Blunt was originally the first choice to play Black Widow in Iron Man 2, but, due to contractual obligations, couldn't take on the role. Casting her as Hope van Dyne would rectify this missed opportunity, allowing her to finally join the MCU in a capacity that showcases her talents. Blunt’s effortless balance of strength, intelligence, and emotion would make Hope van Dyne compelling and relatable. Blunt’s casting would be a thrilling addition to the MCU and a satisfying resolution to her losing the Black Widow role.
1 Kerry Washington Could Be A Great Multiverse Wasp Kerry Washington Previously Appeared In Fantastic Four And Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer Close Kerry Washington would bring a refreshing and dynamic presence to the role of the Wasp in the MCU. With her impressive acting range and magnetic on-screen charisma, Washington has the potential to embody the essence of Janet Van Dyne with authenticity. Her previous experience in the Fantastic Four movies exhibited her ability to thrive in larger-than-life roles within fantastical narratives.
Washington's introduction as the Wasp could be integrated into the MCU through a multiverse storyline, a concept expected to be explored in Avengers 5. This narrative device would provide an exciting opportunity to introduce alternate versions of beloved characters, allowing Washington to take over the role as a Wasp variant. With her talent, versatility, and proven track record, Washington would undoubtedly make a captivating and memorable addition to the MCU as the Wasp and a thrilling development for Avengers 5.
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