Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man Noir Show Breaks A 45-Year Marvel Trend That Needed To End

  • Nicolas Cage's Spider-Man Noir breaks a 45-year Spider-Man trend.
  • Sony plans to expand live-action Spider-Man projects with new TV series, starting with Noir.
  • Cage brings a darker, film noir-inspired live-action Spider-Man to Prime Video.
Nicolas Cage's Spider-Man Noir is responsible for breaking a long-running trend for Spider-Man. Tom Holland gives life to Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the young actor will continue serving as the MCU's Spider-Man for the foreseeable future, with Holland's Spider-Man 4 in the works, that does not mean that he will be the only live-action version of the hero to be running around. Sony is preparing to expand its live-action Spider-Man-related projects with multiple new TV series, starting with Cage's Noir.
While the planned Silk: Spider Society is not moving forward at Prime Video, Sony is hard at work crafting Cage's live-action debut as a version of Spider-Man. The actor has already voiced Spider-Man Noir in two animated films in the Spider-Verse franchise. Interestingly, when it was revealed that Cage was cast as Spider-Man Noir, Katherine Pope, the president of Sony Pictures Television Studios, mentioned that Noir was part of Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, now named Sony's Spider-Man Universe. That breaks a major trend, with Noir being the SSU's first Spider-Man; however, the series breaks an even longer Spider-Man trend.
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Nicolas Cage Leads The First Live-Action Spider-Man Show In 45 Years Spider-Man Has Been Missing From Live-Action Series Close Noir will make history, being the first live-action Spider-Man series since 1979. That year featured two live-action shows for the wall-crawler, with both having very different approaches. One of the series was the distinct Japanese Spider-Man show, which starred Kōsuke Kayama as Takuya Yamashiro, aka Spider-Man. The other live-action series for the Marvel hero, and the latest to release new episodes, was The Amazing Spider-Man, which featured Nicholas Hammond as Peter Parker. Now, 45 years later, Cage will finally bring back a live-action Spider-Man series with Prime Video's Noir.
Why Sony’s Spider-Man TV Plans Are So Exciting The SSU Could Be Saved Noir is only the first of multiple Spider-Man-related series that Sony is in different stages of planning. For decades, the only live-action content for Spider-Man fans came in the form of the Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland's Spider-Man movies. All of those followed the same version of the wall-crawler, Peter Parker, though with different approaches for each franchise. While Spider-Man Noir is also Peter Parker in the comics and the Spider-Verse films, Cage's live-action version of the character will have another secret identity.
Sony's new Spider-Man TV shows could follow Noir's approach, focusing on different versions of the classic Marvel hero while leaving Peter Parker for theaters. This shows that the studio is open to experimenting with Spider-Man and bringing variety to the character's live-action adventures. Noir could also be the start of a new chapter for the SSU. Not having a Spider-Man has negatively impacted the shared universe, so if Cage's Spider-Man Noir or another version of the hero joins the SSU, then the franchise might just be saved. It remains to be seen if Noir will tie into the SSU.
Spider-Man Noir Noir is a live-action television series set in a dark and gritty universe. The show follows the story of a cynical and violent Spider-Man who lives in a black-and-white world. This darker take on the Spider-Man character is set in the 1930s and features a film noir-inspired aesthetic.
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