Star Wars: Hunters Is Here!

Let the games begin in the Grand Arena on Vespaara!
Today, Star Wars: Hunters officially arrives worldwide, welcoming players to enter the brand-new, free-to-play, 4v4 competitive battle arena game from Zynga and Lucasfilm Games.
Team up with Grozz the Wookiee, Utooni the Jawa brothers, and other new characters based on Star Wars archetypes and fan-favorite species and droids, then face off in fast-paced, competitive matches. Once you choose your Hunter, the gameplay will take you to battlefields inspired by familiar Star Wars biomes, from the second Death Star to the sandy deserts of Tatooine, and beyond.
Each Hunter boasts their own unique moves, abilities, and power-ups to aid their quest for glory in the Arena. And Star Wars: Hunters features an array of game modes to test your mettle, such as Squad Brawl, in which opposing teams will battle to rack up the most eliminations, and Trophy Chase, where competing squads will vie for control of the elusive droid TR0-F33.
The galaxy is watching…
Get your free download of Star Wars: Hunters now.


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