Jude Law Is Right, He Wouldn"t Have Worked As Superman

  • Jude Law was almost cast as Superman but turned it down.
  • Jude Law's perception that he wasn't right for the role appears to be supported by his acting history.
  • Law's acting career shows him at his best when playing morally complex roles, which clashes with the fundamental idea of Superman.
Jude Law has stated that he wouldn't have worked as Superman in a DC movie, and he's right. Superman is one of the most prolific superheroes in cinema, starring in four cinematic franchises across the last century. After Christopher Reeve's rendition of the Man of Steel kicked off the superhero genre as audiences know it today, the pressure has been on casting directors to ensure actors can measure up to his seminal example. Similarly, the actors who portray the iconic DC character often feel under immense pressure to ensure they do it justice.
So far, this has been a relatively successful venture. Across all of Superman's live-action appearances, the actors who have portrayed the Man of Steel have been largely met with approval from the fandom that has only grown since the early days of Superman's movie history. Henry Cavill's tenure as the most recent rendition of Superman on the big screen was a prime example, with even some who didn't care for the DCEU timeline expressing sadness that the actor would no longer be in the role going forward into the DCU.


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