Why Do So Many Actors Want To Play Ghost Rider When He"s Never Had A Great Movie?

  • Several high profile actors have expressed their interest in portraying Ghost Rider in the MCU, including Ryan Gosling and Keanu Reeves.
  • Ghost Rider's MCU debut can showcase seldom-seen aspects of the character's personality, something that Nicolas Cage and Gabriel Luna's versions failed to do.
  • Ghost Rider would be a crucial character in the MCU's supernatural storylines, perhaps joining the widely speculated Midnight Sons team.
Despite his disappointing live-action history, Ghost Rider has become one of the most coveted roles among actors hoping to join the MCU. In recent years, Marvel Studios has introduced several supernatural superheroes into live-action, but despite being one of Marvel Comics' most popular dark heroes, Ghost Rider still hasn't made his MCU debut. The Spirit of Vengeance's introduction is highly anticipated, and many brilliant actors have claimed Ghost Rider as their dream Marvel role.
Nicolas Cage previously played Johnny Blaze's Ghost Rider in his eponymous 2007 movie, and its 2012 sequel, while Gabriel Luna portrayed Robbie Reyes' Ghost Rider in Marvel Television's Agents of SHIELD. Neither of these depictions are considered canon to the MCU's main continuity, however, opening the door for a new iteration of Ghost Rider to pop up. This seems likely to happen before the conclusion of the Multiverse Saga, which could allow Ghost Rider to become one of the MCU's most significant new heroes.
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Ghost Rider Is A Hugely Popular MCU Hero Dream Role Three Huge Names Have Expressed Interest In Portraying Ghost Rider In The MCU If Ghost Rider's MCU debut is right around the corner, there are several potential candidates who could deliver the powerful hero in live-action. Perhaps most notably, Ryan Gosling has been very vocal about his desire to bring the Spirit of Vengeance to life in the MCU, most recently reiterating the fact on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast. Marvel boss Kevin Feige even endorsed Gosling's casting in the MCU, noting that he'd "love to find a place for him in the MCU," (via Variety). Academy Award-nominee Gosling isn't the only actor in the running, however.
The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has been fan-cast as Ghost Rider for several years, and has expressed interest in the role, dating back to 2018's Walker Stalker Con, which saw him state, "Ghost Rider would be fun," (via Comicbook.com). This sentiment was repeated in a 2021 conversation with Comicbook.com, where Reedus straightforwardly stated, "I want to play Ghost Rider." During a 2022 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, legendary actor Keanu Reeves also claimed Ghost Rider was his childhood dream role, making the flame-skulled hero one of the most sought-after characters.
Other actors who have been fan-cast as the MCU's Ghost Rider include Jensen Ackles, Charlie Hunnam, Boyd Holbrook, and Gabriel Luna, who could return from Agents of SHIELD.
Ghost Rider Is A Marvel Hero With Immense Untapped Movie & TV Potential Nicolas Cage & Gabriel Luna Have Played Different Versions Of Ghost Rider In Live-Action Close The fact that so many esteemed actors want to portray Ghost Rider means there is clearly a desire for the Spirit of Vengeance to debut in the MCU, even though the projects in the character's live-action history haven't been all too successful. In part, this is due to the hero being limited in his previous appearances, relegated to not much more than an action hero. Marvel Comics' Ghost Rider is a combination of many different genres, with elements of dark comedy, horror, and overt science fiction, but these elements have seldom been explored in live-action.
Cage and Luna's portrayals of Ghost Rider showcased some interesting elements, but Marvel Studios can take this character even further to the extreme. Johnny Blaze had a limited run in Ghost Rider and its sequel, while Robbie Reyes was only featured briefly in Agents of SHIELD. Whether he's played by Gosling, Reedus, Reeves, or someone else, Ghost Rider would have more freedom in the MCU proper, allowing him to demonstrate more personality and tap into some of his underused abilities and themes.
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When Ghost Rider Could Appear In The MCU Timeline (& Why An MCU Appearance Would Be A Great Idea) Ghost Rider Could Debut In The MCU Before The End Of The Multiverse Saga Ghost Rider debuting soon would bring more much-wanted star-power into the MCU.
Ghost Rider has been heavily rumored to be joining the MCU very soon, especially with speculation that Marvel Studios may be setting up the formation of a live-action Midnight Sons team. Ghost Rider is a prominent member of the Midnight Sons in Marvel Comics, so if Phase 6's upcoming Blade movie teases the team, as is suspected, Ghost Rider could debut alongside Mahershala Ali's Daywalker. Since Ghost Rider made his first Marvel Comics appearance in 1972's Marvel Spotlight #5, he could also star in his own live-action Marvel Spotlight series, similarly to Echo and Wonder Man.
Marvel Studios' development of its supernatural and monstrous storylines in the Multiverse Saga has been thrilling, but Ghost Rider is still a missing piece of this narrative. Ghost Rider finally being brought into the MCU will provide a new actor with the opportunity to really make the role their own, separate from Cage and Luna's depictions of the hellish hero. Any number of talented actors want to play the Spirit of Vengeance, so Ghost Rider debuting soon would bring more much-wanted star-power into the MCU.
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