3 New Deadpool Variants Revealed By Deadpool & Wolverine Merchandise

  • Get ready for the new Deadpool & Wolverine merchandise.
  • The Phase 5 movie is set to release soon, unveiling a series of Funko Pops! featuring Babypool.
  • Check out the first look at the Deadpool & Wolverine Wave 2 Funko Pops!
New Marvel Cinematic Universe merchandise for Deadpool & Wolverine gives a first look at multiple new Deadpool variants.
Since Deadpool & Wolverine is close to its release, more MCU merchandise for the Phase 5 movie has been unveiled. A series of Funko Pops! (via FunkoInfo) reveals not one but three new Deadpool variants making their way into Deadpool & Wolverine: Headpool, Kidpool and Babypool. Check them out below.
Source: FunkoInfo (1, 2, 3)/X


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