Swamp Thing Movie Confirmed: Everything We Know

  • Swamp Thing is officially part of the DCU's "Gods and Monsters" chapter, as announced by James Gunn in January 2023.
  • Logan director James Mangold will helm Swamp Thing. According to Mangold, Swamp Thing will be "a king of horror noir" film with a special focus on the protagonist's psyche.
  • Swamp Thing's production is still in the early writing stages, as James Mangold is busy with other theatrical projects.
The DCU’s horror-inspired movie Swamp Thing is in its early stages of development at DC Studios. Created in 1971 for DC Comics’ House of Secrets #92, the human-turned-monster Swamp Thing has become a staple of DC’s horror-inspired gallery of characters, which also includes the Justice League Dark anti-heroes Deadman, Zatanna, and John Constantine. There are various human characters who have transformed into Swamp Thing - all connected to the elemental force called “the Green” - but the most famous one is the scientist Alex Holland, who quite literally becomes one with nature when he submerges himself in the Louisiana swamplands after an explosion left him on the brink of death.
Despite not being as famous as most DC characters who have starred in movies and TV shows, Swamp Thing has already been played by various live-action actors, starting with 1982's Swamp Thing, directed by A Nightmare on Elm Street director Wes Craven. Swamp Thing's 1982 film adaptation was received positively enough to spawn a sequel, Jim Wynorski's more comedic and lighthearted The Return of the Swamp Thing. The character also starred in the 1990 three-season Swamp Thing TV show broadcasted on ABC, and in the 2019 10-episode Swamp Thing streaming series released on the short-lived DC Universe video-on-demand service.
Swamp Thing Movie Confirmed Swamp Thing Is Part Of James Gunn's DC Universe Slate Swamp Thing is part of the DCU’s first chapter titled “Gods and Monsters”, having been announced by James Gunn himself in January 2023 alongside other projects such as The Authority, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, Lanterns, and Paradise Lost. In his announcement, James Gunn mentioned that although Swamp Thing is “tonally outside of the rest of the DCU, it will still feed into the rest of the stories." Swamp Thing appears to be the darkest installment in the DCU's slate, and its premise and protagonist fit the second half of the title "Gods and Monsters" quite well.
Swamp Thing Movie Director Confirmed Logan Director James Mangold Is Actively Working On Swamp Thing Close On February the 1st, 2023, just one day after James Gunn's DCU announcement, it was reported that James Mangold would direct Swamp Thing. Soon after, James Mangold confirmed that he would helm the DCU's Swamp Thing, joining James Gunn and The Brave and the Bold's Andy Muschietti in the blooming list of DCU directors. James Mangold's filmography includes the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line and the modern western 3:10 to Yuma, as well as The Wolverine and the highly acclaimed Logan. Speaking to Variety in June 2023, James Mangold revealed that he's approaching Swamp Thing as a standalone movie rather than a franchise installment.


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