Girl, 12, wounded trying to protect mom from dad in knife attack

A man was arrested for allegedly stabbing his young daughter and wife, cutting her fingers in the process, in their Central home.
The 53-year-old wife and 12-year-old daughter were conscious when they were taken to Queen Mary Hospital in Pok Fu Lam.
Officers were called to the family's home on 72 Peel Street at about 5am by the eldest daughter, saying her parents were having a dispute over relationship issues.
A preliminary investigation found the man, a 58-year-old mainlander, allegedly attacked his wife with a 30-centimeter-long chef's knife.
The mother sustained injuries on her neck, back and limbs, while her pinkie in her left hand was sliced off, and her right-hand fingers were nearly cut off.
The daughter's head, back and fingers were wounded when trying to protect her mother.
Officers arrived at the scene and arrested the man. The eldest daughter was helping in the investigation.
The father was still being detained as of last night. It is understood that he has no psychiatric record.
"The case has been followed up by the Central district crime squad," police said.
The dispute started when the mother and the younger daughter returned home at around 3am and found the father drinking alone.
The couple began to quarrel after the husband accused his wife of having an affair. He then took out the knife and allegedly wounded his wife and daughter.
The pair fled, seeking help, leaving blood stains on the staircase, lobby and outside the building. Used bandages were also found on the ground.
A neighbor said he heard the mother and daughter screaming. She later saw the mother "lay down on the street lots of blood."
The building where the family resides is part of the Housing Bureau transitional housing project "Living with Joy and Sharing with Fun," operated by Lok Kwan Social Service. A bureau spokesman said it has contacted the operator over the incident.
"The organization was also requested to take proper and comprehensive follow-up actions, including providing appropriate assistance to the tenants involved and actively cooperating with the police in the investigation," he said.
Barry Wong Man-sing, executive director of Lok Kwan Social Service, said the family of four moved into the flat in mid-March last year, adding that the group had acknowledged the pair had quarreled before and had reached out to the family.
He said he felt sad about the incident and said he immediately contacted the eldest daughter, who is now being looked after by relatives.
"The service will visit the injured mother and the daughter to understand their needs," Wong said, adding it had explained the incident to all tenants in the building.


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