10 Major Realizations I Had Watching The Secret Fourth Movie In The Dark Knight Series

  • Each segment of Gotham Knight was animated by different studios, showcasing different visual styles.
  • The movie features several nods and connections to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Realizations from rewatching include insights into Batman's tech, villains, and potential expansion of the universe overall.
I recently got the chance to rewatch Batman: Gotham Knight, the lesser-known and yet canonical fourth movie that's secretly a part of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. An animated feature released in 2008 just before The Dark Knight, Gotham Knight is set between the events of Nolan's first and second Batman movies. As such, I had a few realizations about the feature with its 78-minute runtime, especially regarding elements I'd completely forgotten relating to the rest of The Dark Knight trilogy.
Consisting of six different chapters, each segment of Gotham Knight was produced and animated by different Japanese animation studios, each with its own visual tone and style. Regardless, the events of the movie as a whole are connected and meant to be canon to the version of Gotham and Batman created by Christopher Nolan and his live-action trilogy, though the events themselves are rather inconsequential to the trilogy's narrative overall. In any event, here are 10 realizations I had rewatching Batman: Gotham Knight, a DC feature I hadn't seen in quite a long time.


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