You Can Watch The Underrated Blade Show Everyone Forgot For Free

  • Blade: The Series delves into the world of Blade, continuing his story from the films in a gritty and brutal war against vampires.
  • Despite mixed reviews, the show gained a small cult following - and now is the perfect time to catch up before the MCU Blade movie.
  • Blade: The Series is available for free on Tubi in the U.S.
Blade: The Series aired on Spike TV in 2006, continuing the stories from the characters' previous trilogy of films - and almost two decades later, it can be watched for free. Starring Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones, the Marvel series only lasted for a single season before being canceled. Diving deeply into who Blade is, the series was the first original, scripted drama on the network and continued the brutal and violent war against vampires from the films. While the show was not beloved, it has gained its share of fans over the years and earned a small cult status.
Despite mixed reviews for the latest projects featuring the half-vampire hunter Blade, or Eric Brooks, interest in the upcoming MCU Blade movie is at an all-time high. Following this series and the derided Blade: Trinity, audiences are hungry for a new version of the character to reignite interest in the franchise, especially after the MCU has subtly introduced vampire lore. Following long delays around the upcoming MCU film starring Mahershala Ali, and with rumors of Sticky Fingaz's Blade appearing in Deadpool & Wolverine, now is the perfect time to catch up on Blade: The Series.
Blade: The Series Explained Close Blade: The Series picks up where the Blade movies left off, with Blade as an established vampire hunter in the Marvel Universe. In the series, he is joined by a cast that includes Jill Wagner as Krista Starr and Nelson Lee as Shen. Other than Blade himself, most of the characters in the series were not pulled directly from the comic pages and were instead original creations. The show drew more inspiration from the films than the books they were based on.
The series' first season involves Starr finding an unlikely ally in Blade as she searches for the murderer of her twin brother. This search leads the two of them to Marcus van Sciver, played by Neil Jackson, who infects Krista. With Blade's help, she can resist her vampiric urges, and the two work together to take down the House of Chthon. While the series tells an entire story in the released episodes, there was much setup for further seasons that never came to fruition.
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Where To Watch Blade: The Series For Free Now Blade: The Series is currently available in full on the streaming service Tubi in America. While advertisements are played on the Tubi service, this subsidizing allows the streamer to offer content like Blade: The Series at no direct cost. Unfortunately, the series is not available through this service worldwide. However, episodes are also available for purchase on the Apple TV store in most regions.
For those located in other regions, the series is also available on DVD from some retailers as a box set. The pilot episodes were released as Blade: House of Chthon on disc, with some audiences referring to the episodes as the fourth Blade movie. No Blu-ray release currently exists for the series, which runs just over 9 hours.
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With the upcoming Blade MCU reboot facing continuous delays, it may be a while before new Blade stories make their way to screens. However, Blade: The Series, while not a masterpiece, was successful enough in capturing vampire action that it may go a long way to scratching that itch. With the series available for free on Tubi, there is no reason not to give Blade: The Series a try to prepare for the character's possible appearance in Deadpool & Wolverine and future in the MCU.
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