Marvel Is Risking Repeating The Same Mistake With Blade As With An MCU Phase 3 Movie

  • Blade's repeated delays may lead to a release date that's too close to Avengers 5, and Blade may not have enough time to establish himself in the MCU before he joins the Avengers.
  • This is what happened to Carol Danvers. Captain Marvel was released just one month before Avengers: Endgame, and her role in the Phase 3 crossover felt rushed as a result.
  • If Blade keeps getting delayed, Mahershala Ali's vampire-hunting hero could even find himself forced to skip both Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars.
Blade's multiple delays may cause the vampire hunter's MCU introduction to repeat a Phase 3 release mistake. Marvel's Multiverse Saga has gone through several unexpected changes behind-the-scenes, which has led to delays across the MCU's entire slate. One of the projects who has been affected the most is the MCU's Blade reboot, originally announced at San Diego Comic Con 2019, but delayed several times. Now set to release in late 2025, it seems like Blade will continue to suffer at least another major delay.
By mid-2024, Blade has lost one actor and two directors, and has been rewritten at least five times. Apparently, Blade's script has been the main obstacle in the movie's development, as the full plot hasn't been decided yet. Even if Marvel fast-tracks Blade, Mahershala Ali's MCU debut would likely arrive in 2026 or 2027. This may pose a problem for Ali's character and Avengers 5's rumored 60-character cast, if the MCU's next crossover event is planning to include the famous vampire hunter.
Blade May End Up Being Released Too Close To Avengers 5 And Secret Wars Audiences Didn't Have Enouth Time To Know Captain Marvel Before She Appeared In Avengers: Endgame Close If Blade does get delayed once again, its release would be too close to Avengers 5's May 2026 release date, and Mahershala Ali's Blade won't have enough time to establish himself as an MCU hero before he joins the Avengers. At this point, Blade only has a possible delay window of five months until it overlaps with Avengers 5's current release date. Meanwhile, Avengers 5's script may not be able to wait until Blade's plot is fully defined, and it might keep Blade's role minimal as a result.
Carol Danvers had little to do in the Infinity Saga's conclusion, and the Avengers' war against Thanos overshadowed her introduction.
Brie Larson's Captain Marvel was introduced late in the Multiverse Saga, and she missed out on the chance to develop her character arc alongside other heroes such as Iron Man and Captain America. With Captain Marvel releasing just one month before Avengers: Endgame, Carol Danvers had little to do in the Infinity Saga's conclusion, and the Avengers' war against Thanos overshadowed her introduction. At this rate, the same could happen to Mahershala Ali's Blade.
Mahershala Ali's Hero May Have To Skip His Avengers Crossovers Altogether Blade's Role In Avengers 5 And Avengers: Secret Wars Also Depends On These Movies' Possible Delays Avengers 5 could skip Blade altogether, as Blade's solo movie could get pushed until after Avengers 5. If Blade's production problems persist, it could even get delayed past Avengers: Secret Wars. Given that Avengers 5 is gearing up to feature over 60 characters from all over the MCU, Blade's absence would be a huge missed opportunity both for the character and for the franchise, as Blade was a character that helped launch Marvel's golden age of superhero movies. However, another delay in Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars' production could give Blade a chance to be included.
Blade (2025)
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