First MCU Hero Confirmed For Avengers 5 As Actor Reveals When Filming Starts

  • Benedict Cumberbatch reveals he will be filming Avengers 5 in 2025 during a recent interview.
  • The actor expresses immense joy in playing Doctor Strange and believes the character can help create unique stories.
  • Cumberbatch looks forward to the upcoming Avengers film, describing it as Marvel "cooking up a storm."
The line-up for Avengers 5 has gotten its first returning Marvel Cinematic Universe hero as a Marvel Studios veteran actor reveals when the upcoming movie will film.
During a recent edition of Still Watching Netflix, Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch looked back on playing the powerful sorcerer. The British actor dropped an exciting update about Avengers 5 in the middle of his answer as he brought up how he will be shooting the Phase 6 movie in 2025, sharing the following:
This is Doctor Strange. He's a Marvel character and, well, I'll be really honest about it, the joy of playing him is immense. But also the joy of playing him means I can help create and platform stories and writing and less commercial fare into being. He's a gift in many, many ways in my life as a producer, as an actor. I love playing him. He's great fun. I'm very much looking forward to Avengers next year which is cooking up a storm.
Source: Still Watching Netflix/YouTube


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