DC’s “Guy Ritchie Film” Is Everything I Want From A Live-Action Batman Movie

  • Ritchie's style suits Batman perfectly, enhancing the gritty, complex world of Gotham.
  • DC's animated movies showcase Ritchie's influence and storytelling flair excellently.
  • The Elseworlds initiative allows for a unique Guy Ritchie-style Batman movie in the DCU.
In 2014, DC produced a Batman movie in the style of Guy Ritchie, proving that this approach would be ideal for a live-action Batman project. Many animated Batman movies have been produced in the DCU timeline, triumphantly exploring classic and new stories in a diverse range of styles. As the DCU plans its future, it would be wise to consider this legacy, particularly as the timing is perfect for live-action Batman in Guy Ritchie's style.
Guy Ritchie is an acclaimed director known for his gritty gangster movies and heist narratives that frequently feature an idiosyncratic tone and energy. DC's Batman: Assault on Arkham was greatly influenced by Ritchie’s tone, which fit perfectly with the Gotham locale. The movie was a loose prequel to the Batman: Arkham video game series and depicted the Suicide Squad tasked with breaking into Arkham Asylum, encountering the Dark Knight in the process. Assault on Arkham deftly demonstrated why a live-action Batman movie in this style would flourish.


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