Keanu Reeves Gets A Dramatic Transformation Into Childhood Dream Marvel Role In Stylized MCU Art

  • Marvel Studios could consider Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider for future MCU projects, aligning with his childhood dream.
  • Reeves' potential casting could fit in with the current MCU supernatural focus, expanding on previous introductions of supernatural characters and projects.
  • There is growing speculation surrounding a Ghost Rider solo project in the MCU, indicating a possible opportunity for Reeves to fulfill his dream role in the near future.
Keanu Reeves is a perfect fit for his childhood dream Marvel role in dark Marvel Cinematic Universe art. Reeves is one of the actors who are constantly fancast for superhero roles. The star sees no problem in that, as he has already played John Constantine for DC — with Constantine 2 on the way — and has had talks with Marvel Studios that could have him appear in future Marvel movies. That could lead to Reeves getting his dream Marvel role, and MCU art shows how perfect he would be for it.
On Instagram, artist @addu_art showed how Reeves would be a perfect fit in tone for Ghost Rider in the MCU.
Reeves has previously revealed that the one character his childhood self would probably have dreamed of playing was Ghost Rider. The character has yet to debut in the MCU. Given Reeves would love to play him — and looks like a great match for Ghost Rider, as presented in the MCU art — Marvel Studios' President Kevin Feige could have one of the best MCU movies waiting around if Reeves gets his shot at the role.
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Why Keanu Reeves’ Ghost Rider Dreams Could Come True Soon The MCU Is Changing Close There are a few reasons that make Ghost Rider's MCU debut look the closest it has ever been, which could lead to Reeves' casting as his childhood dream hero. Recently, rumors have begun to mount that Ghost Rider could soon be getting a solo project in the MCU. As Marvel Studios has two major dates to possibly announce a project for the character, either in July's San Diego Comic-Con or August's D23, there is a chance that Ghost Rider's MCU debut could be confirmed in just a couple of months.
The rumored project would make sense in the current MCU. With the 2022 release of the Werewolf by Night Special Presentation on Disney+, Marvel started to really delve into its supernatural characters. With projects for magic-related characters and supernatural beings on the way, such as Kathryn Hahn's Agatha All Along series and Mahershala Ali's Blade movie, the MCU is crafting its own supernatural corner. That could lead to more characters like Ghost Rider, Nico Minoru, Mephisto, Dracula, and more coming to the MCU.
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In one of Eternals' post-credits scenes, Ali's Blade could be heard talking to Kit Harington's Dane Whitman. That moment and the surge in supernatural projects and characters in the MCU could lead to the debut of the Midnight Sons. The team is Marvel Comics' premiere squad for supernatural threats. A big name like Reeves for Ghost Rider would be perfect for a Midnight Sons movie. With the Multiverse Saga still going for a few more years, Keanu Reeves could also get to play Ghost Rider as a multiverse variant in a future movie, making his childhood dream come true.
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Mark Steven Johnson's Ghost Rider precedes the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by one year. Starring Nicolas Cage as the titular Marvel anti-hero, the 2007 movie takes Johnny Blaze's origin story to the big screen with a supporting cast composed of the likes of Eva Mendes as Ghost Rider's love interest Roxanne Simpson, Peter Fonda as the demon Mephistopheles, Wes Bentley as the villain Blackheart, and Sam Elliot as the previous wielder of the Spirit of Vengeance.
Director Mark Steven Johnson Release Date January 15, 2007 Writers Mark Steven Johnson Cast Matt Long , Raquel Alessi , Brett Cullen , Peter Fonda , Nicolas Cage , Donal Logue Runtime 110 minutes Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance PG-13 Where to Watch *Availability in US
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The sequel to 2007's Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance sees Nicolas Cage reprise his role as the eponymous hero. When Johnny Blaze encounters the son of Mephisto (Ciaran Hinds), the demon who cursed him with the power of the Ghost Rider, he agrees to protect the boy from his father, prompting the amassed forces of Hell to hunt them. Blaze finds help in the form of Moreau (Idris Elba), an alcoholic monk, who helps Johnny and the child fight back against the demon.
Director Neveldine/Taylor Release Date February 17, 2012 Writers David S. Goyer , Seth Hoffman , Scott M. Gimple Cast Idris Elba , Ciarán Hinds , Nicolas Cage , Christopher Lambert , Johnny Whitworth , Violante Placido Runtime 95 minutes Upcoming Marvel Movies
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Source: @addu_art/Instagram


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