New Look At David Corenswet’s Man Of Steel Revealed In Superman Set Photos

  • New set photos of David Corenswet as Superman in action have been shared.
  • The images are of newspapers featuring David Corenswet's Kal-El.
  • Superman can be seen stopping a train and after having saved people from a building that collapsed.
New set photos of David Corenswet's Kal-El in Superman have been revealed. James Gunn's reboot of the Man of Steel continues filming to make its July 2025 release date. As the first film in the new DC Universe, there is a lot hinging on the success of Superman. Recently, Gunn shared the first loot at Corenswet in the Superman suit. Now, a new look at the Man of Steel has been revealed through set photos that tease the hero's backstory in Superman.
On Twitter, @brian_lumley shared new photos of newspapers on the set of the DCU movie showing David Corenswet's Superman in action. The new look at Corenswet's Superman comes through photos of the Man of Steel's impressive feats in-universe, which are reported by The Daily Planet. One of the shots sees Superman stop a train from coming off the tracks, and interestingly, the story was written by Clark Kent himself. The other image shows Superman standing tall after saving a building full of people. The set photos build excitement for Corenswet's performance in the upcoming DCU movie.
See the new set photos of David Corenswet's Man of Steel in James Gunn's Superman here.


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