10 Major Realizations I Had Rewatching Deadpool"s First X-Men Appearance

  • Deadpool's portrayal in X-Men Origins isn't as bad in hindsight, especially considering his success in later solo movies.
  • Deadpool's promising cinematic future changes how his X-Men Origins role appears.
  • The X-Men Origins Deadpool is now more of a sidestory note in the character's overarching on-screen history than his main appearance.
While X-Men Origins: Wolverine boasts one of the worst reputations in comic book cinema, I think its divisive portrayal of Deadpool featured some interesting aspects that are much more pertinent in hindsight. Marvel’s Deadpool is often cited as the worst part of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, an impressive feat considering the multitude of ways that the movie is seen to have failed. While certainly not as impeccable as later depictions, Deadpool's reputation in X-Men Origins may not be as fitting years later, with his debut into the MCU timeline impending.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine delved into the titular mutant hero’s past, including his time working with Wade Wilson. The movie was intended to kick-start a litany of solo movies set within Fox’s X-Men timeline. However, the movie’s appalling reception scuppered these X-Men movie plans - and chief among these complaints was the movie’s disappointing use of Deadpool. Deadpool has, of course, achieved immense success in solo movies and reunites with Wolverine in the MCU’s Deadpool & Wolverine - which makes looking at his previous appearance all the more noteworthy, especially since a lot looks different about the character in hindsight.
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10 Deadpool Wasn't The Most Wasted Character In X-Men Origins Gambit And Blob Were Equally Squandered In X-Men Origins: Wolverine Close Deadpool is often credited as the most mishandled character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but Gambit and Blob arguably suffered equally. Gambit, a fan-favorite character with a rich backstory and unique abilities, was reduced to a minor role. As a result, Gambit’s charisma and complex character traits were left completely unexplored. His involvement felt more like a cameo than a significant contribution to the plot, depriving audiences of the nuanced portrayal we desired.
Similarly, Blob, a character with intriguing potential, was relegated to a shallow joke. His depth as a formidable foe and tragic figure was ignored, and he became simply a punchline. Deadpool's role may have been subpar, but it eventually spawned two successful solos, where he received a proper cinematic resurrection. Gambit and Blob have yet to be redeemed in subsequent films, meaning that their use in X-Men Origins: Wolverine feels even more squandered.
9 Ryan Reynolds Had Already Perfected Wade Wilson's Delivery Ryan Reynolds' Captured Wade Wilson's Irreverent Style Early Close Despite the overall mishandling of Deadpool in X-Men Origins, Ryan Reynolds had perfected Wade Wilson's delivery. Reynolds embodied Wade Wilson’s nonchalant, irreverent humor with impeccable timing, effortlessly delivering sharp one-liners and sarcastic quips that hinted at the Deadpool we would later see in the standalone films. His natural charm and comedic instincts shone through in the movie's first act, offering glimpses of the beloved anti-hero's playful and rebellious spirit.
With X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds succinctly captured the Deadpool's personality in just a few brief scenes. Reynolds neatly combined both the humor and the action-hero grit that define the beloved character, and his ability to channel Deadpool's distinctive tone laid a foundation for his future appearances, demonstrating his perfect fit for the role long before Deadpool and Deadpool 2 solidified his iconic status as the Merc with a Mouth.
8 The Deadpool Movies Referenced Scenes From X-Men Origins X-Men origins: Wolverine Has Parodied In X-Men Origins Close The Deadpool movies are renowned for their meta-humor and self-referential gags, and they cleverly incorporated scenes from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The main example appeared in Deadpool 2 when the movie edited Reynolds’ character into the X-Men Origins scene where Weapon XI was first introduced. Jokingly, Deadpool shoots this variant repeatedly, serving as a meta-commentary on the infamous portrayal.
However, another notable example parodied a memorable moment from X-Men Origins, when Deadpool used his impressive sword skills to deflect bullets. In Deadpool 2, this scene was spoofed during the truck fight scene with Cable. In this rendition, Deadpool performed the same sword-spinning feat but failed miserably, missing each bullet and being shot repeatedly. This parody poked fun at X-Men Origins' over-the-top action, reinforcing the self-aware attempt to redeem - or at least toy with - his previous outings.
7 Weapon XI Was Actually Quite A Cool Idea Weapon XI Would Have Worked If The Character Was Properly Established Already Close Weapon XI in X-Men Origins: Wolverine presented a conceptually intriguing twist on Deadpool, envisioning a character with an array of formidable powers. By endowing Weapon XI with abilities such as Wolverine’s healing factor, Cyclops’ optic blasts, and Wraith’s teleportation, the film aimed to create a nearly invincible antagonist. This amalgamation of powers elevated the character’s potential threat, making him a formidable opponent for Wolverine.
Had Weapon XI been introduced after a more faithful depiction of Deadpool was established, it likely would have been more effective. A large issue with Deadpool in X-Men Origins was that it seemingly wasted a great character before he had time to flourish. Now that he has been established effectively in the acclaimed solo movies, his transformation into Weapon XI in X-Men Origins feels like less of a wasted opportunity and instead an amusing variant.
6 X-Men Origins Got One Deadpool Power Right That Still Hasn't Appeared In The Deadpool Movies Deadpool Hasn't Teleported In The Deadpool Movies Close When Wade Wilson was transformed in Weapon XI in X-Men Origins, he gained a variety of powers, including teleportation. This ability, borrowed from Wraith, added to his formidable arsenal and created visually striking sequences during the climactic final battle. In Marvel Comics, Deadpool has used a selection of personal teleportation devices that allow him to travel instantly between locations. However, this aspect of Deadpool's powers has not been carried over to the Deadpool movies.
Despite its initial inclusion in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, teleportation is notably absent in the Deadpool films, maintaining a focus on Deadpool's core attributes. This streamlined approach allowed the character's personality and distinctive traits to be spotlighted, allowing his character to develop before adding superfluous abilities. By not overloading him with powers, the Deadpool movies successfully highlight what makes the character unique and beloved. Nevertheless, Deadpool’s use of Cable’s time travel device in the Deadpool 2 ending hints at a possible teleportation device in the future.
5 Deadpool Made A Great Villain Deadpool Became The Main Villain In X-Men Origins Close Deadpool’s reimagined Weapon XI did make for an impressive villain in X-Men Origins. His sinister design and array of powers elevated him to a truly threatening antagonist. With his additional abilities, Weapon XI was a near-unstoppable force. This showcased how dangerous Deadpool could be when positioned as a villain. The sewn-together mouth added an eerie, unsettling element to his appearance, starkly contrasting with the character’s usual talkative nature.
This design choice amplified his menacing presence and underscored the dark twist to his character in X-Men Origins. The transformation into Weapon XI stripped Deadpool of his humor, replacing it with a cold, calculated demeanor that heightened the tension in his battles against Wolverine. Weapon XI’s abilities and ominous appearance demonstrate the potential for Deadpool as a powerful adversary. While certainly not the Deadpool audiences wanted, Weapon XI was still very unsettling.
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4 The X-Men Origins Post-Credits Scene Set Up A Proper Deadpool Deadpool's Decapitated Head Appeared in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Post-Credits Scene Close The X-Men Origins: Wolverine post-credits scene offered a tantalizing glimpse of a potentially superior depiction of Deadpool. Among the rubble, Deadpool’s dismembered body begins regathering himself. As his hand reached his decapitated head, Deadpool opened his eyes and shushed the viewer. This hinted at a future return where his mouth, the very symbol of his irreverent humor, had been freed from Stryker’s stitches.
The brief yet noteworthy scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine subtly promised us a version of Deadpool closer to his "Merc with a Mouth" persona. It suggested that Deadpool would regain his witty banter and sarcastic quips following his transformation into the initially silenced Weapon XI, and would reappear in the X-Men timeline. This promise would not be fulfilled until years later, but it is a poignant marker for the turbulent development the first Deadpool movie would later endure.
3 The Main Reason To Hate Deadpool In X-Men Origins Is Because It's Fun To Deadpool Has Very Little Screen Time In X-Men Origins Close The main reason to hate Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine is because it's simply fun to do so. While his portrayal in the film was far from great, and nothing like the stellar subsequent portrayals, it was not as atrocious as it's often made out to be. Hating this version of Deadpool has become a kind of communal entertainment, which later movies themselves have encouraged.
Indeed, this was greatly facilitated when Deadpool 2 joined in on the joke and directly addressed X-Men Origins’ less favorable aspects. The meta-commentary and parody helped solidify the character as a symbol of the whole movie's shortcomings - despite not being the worst part. This portrayal was brief and the actual issue it posed is much smaller than the vitriol it receives. Regardless, the collective fun of mocking this version has become a fun opportunity for interaction between the Deadpool movies and us viewers.
2 The Deadpool Movies Wouldn't Have Worked Without X-Men Origins Deadpool's Success Needed X-Men Origins' Failure Close Deadpool's portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and its woeful reception directly contributed to the Deadpool movie's success. Had Deadpool been well-received in that film, Ryan Reynolds may not have championed a solo movie where he could exert creative control. The backlash against the depiction in X-Men Origins, coupled with Reynolds’ own disappointment, fueled his determination to deliver a faithful adaptation of the character.
Through his perseverance, Reynolds was successful - and largely unencumbered by studio interference. This creative freedom allowed the Deadpool movies' distinctive humor, R-rated action, and unconventional storytelling to truly flourish. If Deadpool was a success in X-Men: Origins, the studio would likely have maintained tighter reins over the character, potentially resulting in the solo series never surfacing. Indeed, X-Men Origins’ failure is directly responsible for the Deadpool movies that would eventually come.
1 Deadpool In X-Men Origins Is Better With Hindsight The Deadpool Movies Make X-Men Origins Better Close Deadpool's portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was widely criticized because at the time it squandered what seemed like the only cinematic opportunity to see the beloved character. Audiences eagerly anticipated Deadpool's debut on screen, but the film's mishandling of his character arc and iconic traits was disappointing. However, the landscape has since changed with the success of the standalone Deadpool films.
There are now several opportunities to enjoy a comic-accurate, authentic Deadpool in a series of thrilling adventures. As a result, the Deadpool depicted in X-Men Origins now serves more as an intriguing variant or alternate take on the character and not the definitive portrayal that will define Deadpool's cinematic legacy. In hindsight, while the failures of X-Men Origins: Wolverine certainly remain abundant, the movie could be reconsidered as merely a sidestory.
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After Bryan Singer's X-Men trilogy, Hugh Jackman returns as the titular clawed mutant in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The 2009 superhero movie explores Logan's origins with a look back at Weapon X, the experiment that covered his skeleton with adamantium. It marks Ryan Reynolds' first appearance as Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool, and it precedes James Mangold's The Wolverine and Logan, which retroactively make Origins the first installment in a solo trilogy for Jackman's iconic Marvel hero.
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