Waste reduction and recycling charter casts wider net

Private residences are encouraged to join the Waste Reduction and Recycling Charter launched by the Environmental Protection Department, in which households will be given 20 designated garbage bags each month for half a year.
The premises signing the Waste Reduction and Recycling Charter will commit to establishing and maintaining appropriate and convenient recycling facilities within the housing estates to enable residents to recycle paper, metals, plastics, glass containers, beverage cartons and food waste and to hand over the recyclables to reliable recyclers for processing.
Rolled out last Saturday, the charter also requires participants to maintain records of recyclable deliveries, organize publicity and educational activities to promote waste reduction and recycling among residents.
Residents will provide regular updates on quarterly data to enhance management efficiency.

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The department will also publish online the list of housing estates and buildings that have signed the charter, and issue Waste Reduction and Recycling Certificates and stickers as recognition.
Its education and promotion team on recycling, the Green Outreach, will provide the participating estates with technical support on waste reduction and recycling, including applications for free recycling bins, provision of relevant bin suppliers, collection services, promotional and educational information on clean methods, co-organizing waste reduction and promotion activities.
The premises that successfully signed up on or before November 30 will receive free designated bags - 20 bags per household - monthly for six months.
Residents are encouraged to reduce the quantity of waste by making good use of the recycling facilities and by limiting the use of bags.
A spokesman for the EPD said: "We will continue to expand waste reduction and recycling to all levels of society. We will work together with chambers of commerce, groups from different sectors, schools to strengthen publicity and education on waste reduction and recycling for all."


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