X-Men "97 Season 2 Gets A Release Update From Marvel Studios Exec

This article contains spoilers from X-Men '97 season 1, episode 10.
  • The release date for X-Men '97 season 2 may be in 2024, but the studio is still fine-tuning the quality, according to Brad Winderbaum.
  • The second season of X-Men '97 is already in production, thanks to season 1's success, ensuring quality content.
  • Winderbaum and Marvel Studios are committed to prioritizing the quality for X-Men '97 season 2.
A new update has been given about when Marvel Studios may be releasing X-Men '97 season 2.
In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant to go more in-depth about the X-Men '97 season 1 finale, Marvel Studios Head of TV, Streaming, and Animation, Brad Winderbaum, was asked if he could give an idea of when in 2024 the world may get season 2 on Disney+. As X-Men '97 season 2 is in production, Winderbaum gave the following update on the new season in regards to its release:
Brad Winderbaum: Something we learned in animation, where I learned in animation that has been very well known for animators for decades, is that there's a season one and two lag because the studio or network wants to see how successful the first season is before they greenlight the second season and it takes so long to make anything animated that it often causes a pretty significant delay. In fact, Invincible did a great bit in their second season, they go to a fake Comic-Con and explain it to the audience which I thought was so hysterical. We were lucky enough to get a green light on the second season before we wrapped the first season because of the quality of the show. I wish it could come out tomorrow, the reality is it just takes time and we want to make it as good as it can possibly be.
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X-Men '97 is the direct continuation of the popular 1990s animated series X-Men: The Animated Series. Taking up where the third season left off, Marvel's revival brings back famous mutants such as Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, Beast, Magneto, and Nightcrawler, who fight villains like Mr. Sinister, the Sentinels, and the Hellfire Club.
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