Thor Fan-Favorite Star Gives Update On Potential MCU Return & Spinoff Series On Disney+

  • Jaimie Alexander hints at the possibility of a Lady Sif Disney+ show with Beta Ray Bill at Super Hero Comic Con.
  • Alexander expresses desire to keep playing Lady Sif until she can't anymore.
  • There's potential for Lady Sif to have bigger role in MCU, especially if her spinoff series gets greenlit.
One of the fan-favorite actors from the Thor movies teases the possibility of making their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Marvel Studios gets further into The Multiverse Saga, it has marked the return of a lot of long-time characters in the franchise. While many beloved characters have gotten their spotlights again in the MCU, there are still several who fans are hoping to get a bigger focus.
Someone who has been part of the MCU movie timeline since Phase 1 is Jaimie Alexander, who portrays Lady Sif and has appeared in numerous projects from Marvel Studios. Alexander was recently one of the stars who attended Super Hero Comic Con, where she chatted about whether or not her time with the MCU is over.
During her Super Hero Comic Con panel (via Agents of Fandom,) Alexander revealed she would love to star in her own Lady Sif TV show on Disney+. In fact, Alexander opened up about how "my team and I have pitched a show with Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill" to Marvel Studios.
Alexander (via Agents of Fandom) was also asked about whether or not she sees herself potentially being part of the Avengers: Secret Wars cast. While nothing is set in stone, the actress stressed that "This character is probably one of the most favorite characters I’ve ever played, and it means so much to me… and I will keep playing her until I can’t anymore."
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How The MCU Can Finally Redeem Lady Sif's Story Close Despite having been part of the MCU since 2011's Thor, Lady Sif has continued to remain a supporting character. It has even gone to the point where Alexander's character was only a small part of the Thor: Love and Thunder cast. However, there is potential for Lady Sif to be elevated further in the franchise, as Alexander is clearly open to the possibility, and the character has consistently been met with audience approval.
As the MCU gets further into its run, there is still time for Marvel Studios to make up for the lack of Lady Sif, as a spinoff series could be something to consider after The Multiverse Saga. Given how long the Asgardian culture has been part of the MCU, doing a Lady Sif show would be one of the most logical options, as the audience has followed her for over a decade. The Marvel TV audience is also already very familiar with seeing Lady Sif on the small screen, as she appeared in a handful of Agents of SHIELD episodes.
With Lady Sif also being one of the MCU's beloved female superheroes, there is a lot of potential in a prospective spinoff series exploring more about her story and how Asgardians have fared after Avengers: Endgame. However, whether this will ever come to fruition remains to be seen, as Marvel Studios is still reconfiguring their TV strategy on Disney+. For now, the MCU audience can relive all of Lady Sif's appearances through Blu-Ray/DVD or stream them on Disney+.
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