The Most Underrated Superman Actor Just Nailed The Best Advice For David Corenswet

  • Routh advises Corenswet to embody Superman's compassion and humanity, focusing on inspiring others beyond just physical feats.
  • His words offer a timely reminder of Superman's idealism, showcasing the character's ability to bring hope and inspiration to audiences.
  • Routh's advice captures the essence of Superman's heroism, highlighting the importance of integrity and love in portraying the iconic superhero.
Brandon Routh may not have had the most luck with Superman, but he has provided some spot-on words of wisdom to David Corenswet for the upcoming James Gunn-directed Superman movie that will begin the DC Universe. Routh played the Man of Steel in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, and although his portrayal garnered praise, the movie he led received a rather lukewarm reception, and a planned sequel was scrapped. Despite this, Routh was granted the opportunity to play Superman again several years later for the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths television event.
Despite this underrated live-action Superman history, Routh has given both Corenswet and Gunn some suitable advice for their new variation. While many details of the upcoming Superman movie remain a mystery, Routh's words provide the movie with a formidable blueprint, as they match the character of Superman perfectly.
Brandon Routh's Advice To David Corenswet Explained How His Advice Provides Corenswet With An Essential Blueprint "My goal for Superman is that he’s the guy that everyone can be in their person…maybe without all the flying and all the other stuff."
When Brandon Routh appeared as a guest at ACE Superhero Comic Con 2024, he provided the upcoming Superman actor with some perfect advice on the core traits of the iconic hero. His comments are as follows:
“I think the biggest thing for me about Superman is always recognizing the non-physical superpowers that he has... It can be cheesy to relate it to the ‘teach a man to fish’ story, but quite literally that is how I see it... If you save people all the time, everywhere, maybe they never learn how to save themselves. That doesn’t mean that you don’t save them, but it just means that the teaching, the personality, the aspect, the human communication, the understanding Superman can give us of inclusion."
Routh highlights the convictions of Superman before his powers, showcasing that there is more to the character than just an omnipotent god. His words centralize Superman's compassion and humanity. The DCU Superman costume reveal already appears to showcase the franchise looking to Superman's more human side, showcasing a weary Superman getting ready to join a cataclysmic battle in the background.
Routh also mentioned: "To me, Superman is pure love, he doesn’t judge. He has to make some hard choices and stop people from doing bad things, but my goal for Superman is that he’s the guy that everyone can be in their person…maybe without all the flying and all the other stuff. But he’s an example, the best of humanity, and he could teach us to do it, not just by his actions, but by calling out the truth."
Superman's love and dedication to those around him is a key part of the character, and Routh highlights just how inspiring this is by focusing on how replicable the Man of Steel's most inspiring aspects truly are. With Superman set to explore Clark's bond with his adoptive parents and his civilian life at the Daily Planet, hopefully the DCU will also focus on how the DC hero is an inspiration inside and outside of his superhero career, showing how people can be heroes "without all the flying" and with it.
Why Brandon Routh's Superman Advice Is So Perfect Routh Still Retains The Core Traits Of Superman's Heroism All These Years Later Close David Corenswet and James Gunn should take great lengths to adopt Routh's advice, as it truly captures the spirit of Superman. Superman's omnipotence has often incurred criticism that the character is hard to sympathize with, especially alongside non-powered icons like Batman. However, Routh's comments highlight the humanity behind the Last Son of Krypton, as his hardship comes from retaining that integrity rather than his near invulnerability.
The advice is also timely, as it has been a long time since fans have seen an idealistic Superman brought to the big screen. Recently, there have been several antitheses to Superman’s key traits, with The Boys' Homelander providing one of the most recognizable examples. This backdrop provides the perfect timing for an iteration of Superman that is more hopeful and in-line with Brandon Routh's words of encouragement for the DCU Superman movie and its iconic hero.


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