Spider-Man Noir Show Adds First Cast Member After Nicolas Cage As Marvel Character Connected To Spider-Man

  • Nicolas Cage's Spider-Man Noir TV show expands cast.
  • Lamorne Morris joins as Robbie Robertson from Marvel comics.
  • Robertson is a dedicated journalist in 1930s New York, taking on risky stories.
The upcoming Spider-Man Noir live-action drama is adding another Marvel character as Nicolas Cage's TV show expands the cast.
Variety reports that Lamorne Morris is joining the Spider-Man Noir cast as a familiar face from the Marvel canon. Per the trade, Morris will be playing Robbie Robertson, who is part of Spider-Man's supporting cast of characters in the comics, for in the TV show that Prime Video is now referring to as Spider-Noir. Morris's Robbie, who will be a series regular, is described as follows:
Driven, hard-working, and won’t take no for an answer. A dedicated journalist trying to make it with the odds stacked against him as a black professional in 1930s New York. He takes on riskier stories that no one else would touch in order to catch attention and a paycheck. He is willing to do whatever is necessary for his career.
Source: Variety


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