10 Times DC Villains Became Heroes On-Screen

  • DC has a long history of creating complex and multidimensional characters, and some of these villains have even found redemption and fought alongside the heroes.
  • Captain Cold in the Arrowverse starts as a villain but eventually redeems himself and becomes a member of the Legends of Tomorrow team.
  • The Suicide Squad are villains recruited to a mission for the goverment who end up choosing to do the right thing and save the world.
The DC Universe has introduced many iconic villains to the worlds of its heroes, and many of these have even helped fight greater threats. With some DC villains more effective in shows than movies and vice versa, there is an enormous library of exceptional characters performing horrible deeds. Villains like Joker have grown to become arguably as famous as many of the heroes, with Joker: Folie à Deux's impending release set to make that movie one of the biggest of the year. While Joker is that movie's protagonist, however, he is hard to justify as a hero.
Other DC villains have been able to find redemption, having been created with more defined moral compasses in mind. This has allowed them to function as more than obstacles in the way of moral good, but even to be assistive in restoring good to the world. This has occurred in several ways, but it will never grow old to see DC's worst turning their faces to assist the greater good. This creates more complex characters in DC movies, and they, in turn, are able to elevate the material that they appear in.


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