DC Finally Gave Fans The Superman Vs Brainiac Battle We"ve Wanted For Years

  • My Adventures With Superman provides a balanced and engaging Superman vs Brainiac battle, helping addressing the villain's lack of screen time in the world of films.
  • Brainiac's unique psychological battle with Superman in My Adventures With Superman season 2, episode 8 creates a compelling conflict, highlighting the character's potential in the DC Universe.
  • The show's tweaks to Brainiac - seemingly making him a Kryptonian AI - offer a fresh perspective on the character.
My Adventures With Superman has brought a truly engrossing on-screen Superman vs Brainiac battle into its story, helping balance out the DC villain's lack of screentime compared to many of the Man of Steel's other major antagonists. As a hyper-intelligent alien capable of capturing entire cities and shrinking them down into part of his unethical collection, Brainiac seems like a figure who'd be a first pick when it comes to Superman shows or movies. However, the character has instead faced a lot of bad luck when it comes to appearing on-screen.
Reportedly, Brainiac has been set to appear in five live-action Superman movies, but none of these plans came to fruition. In fact, only one of these films - Superman III - ever released, and even then the installment experienced major story changes that supposedly removed Brainiac from its story, and saw major criticisms upon release. With the spotlight seemingly so firmly rooted on Lex Luthor and General Zod for live-action Superman movies, it's a relief that releases like My Adventures With Superman are able to fill the proverbial void when it comes to seeing Brainiac and Superman square up.


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