Joe Locke’s Marvel Character Explained: Who He’s Playing In Agatha All Along

  • Joe Locke's mystery MCU character in Agatha All Along is likely connected to Wanda Maximoff's Scarlet Witch.
  • Locke's "Teen" is speculated to actually be Billy Kaplan, a reincarnated son of Scarlet Witch.
  • Locke's character may have ulterior motives beyond being Agatha's familiar, possibly wanting to bring Wanda back from the dead.
The first official trailer for Agatha All Along introduces actor Joe Locke to the MCU, and his character likely has some major connections to Wanda Maximoff's Scarlet Witch. Revealed to be a unique member of Agatha Harkness' new coven of witches, it looks as though Locke's character will be supporting Agatha in her goal to restore her magical powers. However, he may have his own motives as well.
In the first trailer for Agatha All Along, Joe Locke's character is revealed right alongside Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn). This teases that he'll be revealed as a new ally of Agatha's once she breaks free of the spell Wanda Maximoff cast on her at the end of 2021's WandaVision. However, the trailer also teases that Joke Locke is most likely playing a brand-new version of one of the Scarlet Witch's sons.
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Joe Locke's Marvel Character Hasn't Been Officially Confirmed But Is Speculated To Be Billy Kaplan Freeing Agatha From Wanda's Spell While Joe Locke's MCU character has yet to be officially confirmed, it's been heavily speculated and teased that he'll be playing Billy Kaplan. Likewise, the official synopsis for Agatha All Along does tease the mysterious nature and importance of Locke's role in the upcoming MCU show:
In “Agatha All Along,” the infamous Agatha Harkness finds herself down and out of power after a suspicious goth Teen helps break her free from a distorted spell. Her interest is piqued when he begs her to take him on the legendary Witches’ Road, a magical gauntlet of trials that, if survived, rewards a witch with what they’re missing. Together, Agatha and this mysterious Teen pull together a desperate coven, and set off down, down, down The Road…
Clearly, the new Witches' Road in Agatha All Along sounds like the perfect means to restore Agatha's magical abilities. However, the true interest lies in who Locke's character truly is and why "Teen" also wants to go down the Road.
Being described as both "suspicious" and "mysterious" does support the idea that Locke's true role as Billy Kaplan is being saved as a key reveal when the show begins streaming. After all, being revealed as the teenage son of Wanda Maximoff would certainly be a big deal for the MCU, and would open the door to several follow-up questions. It's also something the trailer even teases with a shot of Locke wearing a red shirt and blue headband, seemingly meant to evoke Kaplan's costume in the original Marvel Comics.
Who Is Billy Kaplan In Marvel Comics? Also Known As Wiccan Close Years after Wanda and Vision lost their original twin sons to Mephisto in the comics, Billy Kapan and Tommy Shepard were born as the reincarnated versions of the Scarlet Witch's children. Their lives eventually collided as members of the Young Avengers, with Billy's Wiccan wielding powers similar to Wanda as a powerful mage, and Tommy's Speed gaining superspeed to mirror his uncle Pietro aka Quicksilver. More recently on the page, Billy got married to fellow Young Avenger Hulking (who's currently the Emperor of the Skrull/Kree Empire).
While it's unknown where exactly Billy's powers come from due to his reincarnation, it's likely that the power was still inherited due to Wanda's status as a powerful nexus being. Billy is also destined to become an all-powerful magical god known as The Demiurge, which could also explain the origins of his magical abilities. As such, it's quite possible that Joe Locke's MCU version of Billy Kaplan is just beginning his magical journey, perhaps even being trained by Agatha herself.
How Billy Kaplan Could Fit Into Agatha All Along's Story Trying To Bring Wanda Back From The Dead? Having appeared recently on The View, actress Patti Lupone did reveal some key insights not only about herself as a new MCU witch named Lilia Calderu, but also that Joe Locke is playing a witch's familiar. Based on what's been seen in this first trailer for Agatha All Along, it stands to reason that "Teen" will be specifically be Agatha's familiar, serving as the titular witch's attendant and doing whatever she requires in exchange for her help traveling the Witches' Road. However, he may have ulterior motives.
Apparently being the one to free Agatha from Wanda's spell, it looks as though Locke's "Teen" is the one who motivates Agatha to consider traveling down the Witches' Road that "rewards a witch with what they’re missing", in this case her powers. However, it's not yet been revealed why "Teen" wants to go down the Road himself. That said, wanting to bring the Scarlet Witch back from the dead would certainly be an exciting goal, especially if Locke is indeed revealed to be Billy Kaplan's Wiccan.
How Billy Kaplan Is Alive In The MCU Reincarnation (Just Like In The Comics) Close Much like in the original comics, the full history of Wanda Maximoff's children in the MCU is somewhat confusing. Having been born as manifestations of Wanda's powers within the Hex in 2021's WandaVision, Billy and Tommy Maximoff were born to Wanda and Vision from the Scarlet Witch's own chaos magic (the same is true on the page). Wanda then tries to co-opt versions of her boys from another reality (Earth-838) as seen in 2022's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, having been corrupted by the Darkhold. Wanda eventually realizes the error of her misguided desires before sacrificing herself to destroy all copies of the Darkhold.
Now, the MCU could continue mirroring the comics origins by introducing Joe Locke as Billy Kaplan, the reincarnated soul of Billy Maximoff with the reveal that Wanda's original sons had been created using preexisting souls that had been lost. The same could easily be true for the MCU and can be confirmed in Agatha All Along. Joe Locke playing a teenage Billy Kaplan would also pay off the powers and Wiccan costume the original Billy wore on Halloween in 2021's WandaVision. While complex, this would certainly be an exciting reveal for Locke's mysterious new MCU character.
Agatha All Along's two-episode premiere begins streaming September 18th on Disney+.
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