The MCU"s Most Divisive Netflix Hero Gets A Comics-Accurate Costume In New Marvel Art

  • Iron Fist may return to the MCU, with potential to explore his comic book-accurate costume in new fan art.
  • Her design takes inspiration from Daredevil's suit, offering a simple ninja-esque look for Danny Rand's superhero getup.
  • With the Netflix Marvel shows now linked to the MCU, the future may hold a recasting for Iron Fist to reintroduce him to a broader audience.
Finn Jones' Iron Fist suits up in a proper comic book-accurate costume in new Marvel Cinematic Universe fan art. One of the many Marvel-Netflix series that was abruptly ended was Danny Rand's show, as Iron Fist season 2 ended on a cliffhanger that never got resolved. However, as characters from the original Marvel TV division are slowly making their comeback into the MCU, Iron Fist's unresolved ending could maybe get explored in upcoming movies or TV shows.
One of the elements that was never featured in the series, even by the end of Iron Fist season 2, was Danny's superhero costume. To show what he could theoretically look like if he comes back to the MCU in the foreseeable future, Arifinity shared new artwork of how they think the ideal Iron Fist costume should be designed for Jones.
Arifinity added how they went with a "simple ninja-esque design" for Danny's proper Iron Fist costume for the MCU, using Dareevil's suit as an influence. The Iron Fist logo design is directly inspired by the iteration that was featured in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.
Related 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions From Netflix's 6 Marvel Shows Following the cancellation of all the Netflix Marvel shows in 2019, there are several major questions Marvel Studios will need to answer. Will Iron Fist Ever Return To The MCU? Close Now the Marvel-Netflix shows are officially canon to the MCU, the question when the rest of The Defenders will return is a natural one. In Danny's case, things might be trickier, as Iron Fist was the most criticized out of the series in The Defenders saga, meaning there is more interest to see Luke Cage and Jessica Jones coming back at this point. Jones' casting as Iron Fist was one of the elements that received a lot of criticism, and whether or not his return chances have gone up since the clarification of the Netflix franchise's MCU canon status remains to be seen.
It wouldn't be shocking if Iron Fist ends up being recast, allowing the MCU to do a soft reboot with Danny. Even though Iron Fist is canon to the MCU, future movies and TV shows are seemingly able to pick and choose what they include in the Sacred Timeline, as suggested by the Daredevil: Born Again TV show. At the very least, if Daredevil: Born Again makes any reference at all to the other The Defenders heroes, it might give the MCU audience an idea of where those characters may come into play next.
Interestingly enough, there have been a lot of suggestions that Iron Fist would be a good fit for a future MCU project like the Shang-Chi 2 movie, given that they are both heavily tied to mythical backgrounds. Re-introducing Iron Fist to the larger MCU through a major MCU movie like Shang-Chi 2 could also be a good way to try out Danny with the larger audience who may not have seen the original Netflix TV show. For now, time will tell where Iron Fist will re-emerge next in the MCU franchise, whether it be on the big or small screen.
Iron Fist AdventureCrimeAction Part of the original Netflix line-up of Marvel shows, Iron Fist follows billionaire heir Danny Rand on his journey to become the legendary Iron Fist. Returning to America after going missing for fifteen years, Danny returns to reclaim his family fortune and use it to help others in need. However, a call to action pulls Danny away from his family duties as a new threat emerges, calling upon the powers of the Iron Fist to protect his friends and family - and New York City.
Release Date March 17, 2017 Seasons 2 Streaming Service(s) Netflix Franchise(s) Marvel Cinematic Universe Showrunner Scott Buck Source: Arifinity/Instagram


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