MCU: Fantastic Four's The Thing Gets New Casting Update

It looks like Marvel Studios is seeking to cast a Jewish actor in the role of Ben Grimms, aka The Thing, in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie.
At this point, most who enjoy the MCU are familiar with the endless fan castings for the upcoming reboot.
The conversation has been alive and well for months and months now, with people previously expecting an official announcement at last year’s D23–that never happened.
Many fans are still holding on to hope that John Krasinski will stay on as Reed Richards, but it’s not looking likely. Other names to have come up in the discussion are Penn Badgley, Adam Driver, Dev Patel, and more.
However, as much as the world has heard about Reed or Sue Storm, a new update has arrived that focuses on another member of the team.
Marvel Looking for Jewish Actor for Ben Grimm MarvelIn a new report from insider Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic, it was revealed that Marvel Studios is looking to cast a Jewish actor for The Thing in the MCU’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.
Sneider added how he had “heard at one point that they were looking [to cast] a person of color” for the role before stating that the current rumor is that the MCU"s Ben Grimm actor is “going to be Jewish.”
This information has not been confirmed by either Marvel Studios or Disney
Having a Jewish actor play Ben Grimm would certainly make for a more comic-accurate take on the character, as the hero is often portrayed as Jewish in the pages of Marvel comics. He would also be the second openly Jewish character in the MCU after Oscar Isaac"s Moon Knight.
So who might be best to play the role of The Thing?
Well, one option could be Jason Segel of How I Met Your Mother fame. Another, would be Liev Schreiber, who previously played Sabertooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
Seeing how badly that Hugh Jackman-led project went over with fans and general audiences, the actor is probably looking for a better gig in the Marvel. Being a member of one of the most important teams would fit the bill.
No matter who gets chosen in the role, fans should at least take solace knowing that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is reportedly overseeing an intensive casting process to make sure the right actors for the job are chosen.
In that same piece of news, it was also revealed Sue Storm might be the lucky family member to be cast first. Hopefully, Marvel Studios can spare its fanbase and announce them all at the same time—sooner rather than later.
Fantastic Four is set to hit theaters on February 14, 2025.


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