First Look at Hulk Actress’ MCU Return After 15 Years | The Direct

Liv Tyler first portrayed Betty Ross in 2008"s The Incredible Hulk, but the star is now back on set for 2024"s Captain America: New World Order.
When the announcement was made, Tyler"s return wasn"t a complete shock. After all, the movie already has Tim Blake Nelson"s return as well—not to mention the recasting of her dad with Harrison Ford.
What isn"t clear, however, is what her role in Anthony Mackie"s big movie will be.
Liv Tyler Returns After Fifteen Years MarvelThanks to new some new Captain America: New World Order set photos from Just Jared, fans have their first look at Liv Tyler"s Betty Ross, who was last seen in 2008"s The Incredible Hulk.
Tyler can be seen in all-black attire, visiting a graveyard.
As for which gravestone she"s visiting, there"s no way to tell for sure in these photos.
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