8 The Flash Movie Moments We"re Most Excited To See

The Flash (2023) is one of DC’s most anticipated movies in years, promising some incredible moments featuring not only Barry Allen but other superheroes. With a new DC Universe starting in 2025 with James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy, The Flash has become even more important. According to Gunn, The Flash resets the DC Universe. Timeline and canon discussions aside, The Flash is expected to be an epic-scale superhero film.
Since Justice League, DC movies have struggled with the lack of an event film. Recent releases like Black Adam and Shazam! Fury of the Gods, both of which featured lesser-known characters, failed at the box office. As such, DC needs a big, high-stakes film centered on a major character. The Flash fits into that description, especially because it will not be just a Barry Allen story. Between Michael Keaton’s Batman return and the debut of Sasha Calle as Supergirl, The Flash is shaping up to be a Justice League-level crossover. Here are the eight most anticipated The Flash movie moments.
8 Barry & Bruce Discussing Time Travel The first The Flash trailer sees Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne discussing time travel. It is important to remember that the Flash did not use or mention time travel during 2017’s Justice League. In Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), however, Barry discussed time travel with Bruce before reversing time twice during the film. Regardless of which Justice League version is canon to The Flash, the movie will see Barry and Bruce talking about the dangers of time travel. Bruce understands what Barry is going through better than anyone, but Batman is also aware of how dangerous the Flash’s powers can be.
Barry and Bruce discussing their losses and whether the former should go back in time to save Nora Allen is set to be one of The Flash’s most emotional moments. Batman has been a mentor to the Flash in the DCEU since Justice League, during which Bruce Wayne recruited Barry Allen for the team. Previously, a future version of the Flash had appeared to Bruce at the Batcave during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The extent of Ben Affleck’s role in The Flash is unknown, but this moment with Barry could very well be Affleck’s farewell to the role of Batman.
7 Barry Going Back In Time To Save His Mother Thanks to the Arrowverse’s The Flash show, audiences are more familiar with Barry Allen’s backstory now than they were back when the DCEU started. For example, the storyline of Barry going back in time to save his mother was used in the show. Now, The Flash movie will have the chance to add its own spin on it. The Flash movie is borrowing elements from Flashpoint, although it is not a direct adaptation of the 2011 comic book arc. As such, Nora Allen’s death will be central not only to Barry but to the entire multiverse. The Flash’s DC FanDome trailer confirmed that Barry will try to save his mother.
6 The DCEU’s Barry Meeting Keaton’s Batman At The Batcave How Michael Keaton’s Batman returns in The Flash has yet to be revealed. However, The Flash trailer suggests that the Flash created Tim Burton’s Batman universe after altering the timeline. Regardless of how Keaton’s Batman fits into the story, his Batman return scene is already one of The Flash’s most anticipated moments. It seems that the two Barry Allens will meet “Earth-89” Bruce Wayne at the Batcave. Keaton’s Batcave in The Flash looks a bit different from the ones featured in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). However, having such a classic Batman iteration back at the Batcave will be quite special.
5 Michael Keaton’s Batman Back In The Batmobile Similar to the Batcave scene, anything featuring Keaton’s Batman back in the Batmobile will be incredibly exciting. Tim Burton’s take on the Batmobile was as stylized as the rest of his Gotham City, resulting in a visually iconic vehicle. A lot of elements contributed to how popular Burton’s Batman was, from the quality of the films to the world around the Dark Knight. Keaton’s Batman return would never be complete without a few classic elements, including the Batmobile. Other Batman vehicles are also returning in The Flash, namely the Batwing. Seeing an upgraded version of Burton’s Batmobile in a modern DC movie will be an experience of its own.
4 Supergirl Fighting General Zod & Faora Michael Shannon’s General Zod and Antje Traue’s Faora-Ul are both returning in The Flash. Man of Steel's Kryptonians were the first DCEU villains, and their returns in The Flash bring the franchise full circle. Both Faora and Zod died in Man of Steel, but The Flash’s multiverse story means that they can return without retconning the 2013 film. At first, it seemed that Barry Allen would simply go back to 2013 and interact with Zod and Faora during the Black Zero event. However, The Flash’s trailer strongly suggests that the film’s Kryptonians will be from a different universe entirely.


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