Captain America 4: First Look at Anthony Mackie’s Return (Set Photos)

Anthony Mackie"s Sam Wilson has been spotted on the set of Captain America: New World Order in the first photos from the Phase 5 production.
First Look at Captain America 4 Set RevealedJustJared shared the first look at Sam Wilson actor Anthony Mackie on the Atlanta set of Captain America: New World Order where production began this month.
Other images confirmed New World Order was filming on a Smyth"s Diner set - a location from a 1991 Adventures of Captain America comic. The diner had a West Virginia baseball shirt on the wall, indicating where in the fifty states Wilson is.
Captain America 4 is expected to eventually shoot scenes in Washington D.C. in June, possibly tying into Harrison Ford"s new MCU president character.
This story is developing. Check back for updates!


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