Watch: Charlie Cox Returns In Classic Marvel Attire In New Daredevil Set Video

Fans have already gotten glimpses of Charlie Cox"s Matthew Murdock during the production of Daredevil: Born Again, but new video footage and photos offer another look at the superhero lawyer.
Production for Born Again began earlier this month and Marvel Studios has gone all in with on-location shooting in New York. Meaning that fans have already gotten plenty of looks at the Man Without Fear in his civilian attire.
So, the behind-the-scene photos and videos continue with a new slew of them showing Murdock strolling down a street in a well-tailored suit.
Devilishly Good Attire for Charlie Cox MarvelNew footage from the set of Daredevil: Born Again was captured by The Name Of Comics on Twitter showing Charlie Cox as Matthew Murdock walking down a street.
Aside from Murdock passing by a Baptist Church, nothing can be gleaned from the footage. Otherwise, it"s just the superhero lawyer using his walking stick.
Bishop Kirby also posted some of the best photos yet of Matthew Murdock in his civilian attire.

This appears to be the same outfit Cox was seen with Nikki M. James" character, except he"s missing his tie and has a new fancy overcoat. So, this is likely Murdock off duty, especially with his hair not being as well kept.
Matt Murdock Living a Richer Life?Franklin Nelson and Matthew Murdock"s law firm routinely took pro bono cases in the original Netflix series and the comics, leading them to nearly shut their doors. 
However, they eventually rose from near-poverty in the comics when they represented Daily Bugle, earning them a high-rise office.
"Daredevil" (1964) — Issue #178
The unusually fancy overcoat for Murdock could indicate he"s living a more prosperous life as a hotshot lawyer, especially since he just represented Spider-Man, Happy Hogan, and famed fashion designer Luke Jacobson in court.
Fans will have to wait and see how Murdock"s financials are when Daredevil: Born Again is eventually released on Disney+.


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