Marvel"s Blade Update Supports A Troubling Black Knight Theory

Rumors of Blade cutting Black Knight support a troubling theory regarding the Avenger’s future in the MCU. After Mahershala Ali’s voice cameo in Eternals’ post-credits scene, it was widely assumed that Marvel’s intention was to continue Dane Whitman’s MCU story in Blade. It seems that this was indeed the plan, but now it’s been reported that Marvel has since decided to remove Kit Harington’s character from the movie.
Eternals’ post-credits scene provided evidence that Marvel was gearing up to properly transform Sersi’s human love interest into the Black Knight. This naturally raised all sorts of theories about Dane’s MCU future, including the possibility of the character being on hand for the next Avengers film. Plus, there was the impression that he’d be fighting alongside the titular vampire hunter in Phase 5’s Blade movie. But if the rumors of Black Knight’s cut role are to be relieved, that team-up won’t be happening. That on its own doesn’t rule out an Avengers 5 return, but it does fuel a theory that paints a bleak picture of Dane’s future in the MCU.
Blade’s Movie May Include The Ebony Blade (But Not Black Knight) Black Knight not showing up in Blade would imply that the movie isn’t going to pay off Eternals’ post-credits tease, but that may not necessarily be the case. Eternals VFX supervisor Stephane Ceretti previously confirmed the Ebony Blade’s inclusion in Blade. Theoretically, the sword could have been cut from the story along with Black Knight, but there’s a chance that the sword still has a place in the movie. In Marvel Comics, the Ebony Blade is capable of killing vampires. That reason alone is good enough to justify its relevance to Blade’s story.


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