First Look at Captain America 4's New Superhero Actress on Set (Photo)

A series of new photos revealed a first look at the controversial new MCU superhero, Sabra. 
The Jewish hero is set to make her Marvel Studios debut in Captain America: New World Order, which is due out in theaters next year. 
At last year"s D23 Fan Expo, Sabra was revealed to be coming to the super-powered franchise, with Israeli actress Shira Haas taking on the role. The announcement of Sabra"s inclusion in Captain America 4 was quick to draw controversy, as Marvel Studios ventured into the touchy political arena of the Israel/Palestine conflict, with the traditionally Israeli comic book hero.
This viral outcry caused the Hollywood giant to issue a statement in the New York Times, revealing that it was "taking a new approach" with the MCU"s Sabra, reimagining the character for "today"s audience." 
A Sneak Peak Captain America 4"s Sabra Shira HaasA new set photo from the production of Captain America: New World Order captured a first glimpse at Shira Haas"s take on the Jewish Marvel hero Sabra. 
As posted online , the image see the actress leaving what looks to be a diner, followed by Anthony Mackie"s Sam Wilson and Danny Ramirez"s Joaquín Torres. 
Haas is wearing an overcoat to hide her Sabra costume, although glimpses of her character"s brown pants, tactical boots, and black gloves
Not much else can be gleaned from these set photos, other than the location looks awfully similar to the Smyth Diner that was seen earlier in production.
It is currently known if Haas will don Sabra"s iconic winged costume in Captain America 4 sequel, but if she does it will very likely be with an updated look. 
Marvel ComicsWho is Sabra in the MCU?For those who may not know, Sabra has been a part of the Marvel Comics canon for more than 40 years at this point. 
She will not only be the first Jewish Marvel hero to hit the MCU, but she also joins the ranks of Kamala Kahn and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever"s Namor as one of the first mutants to pop up in the franchise. 
While the character"s Israeli heritage brings along with it a delicate political tightrope for Marvel Studios to walk, there is a way that that could play perfectly into the plot of Captain America: New World Order
The Captain America franchise has always come with a political-thriller bend. So if the MCU wanted to take a deep look at the turmoil Sabra"s home nation has found itself in for the better part of a century. 
Yes, Sabra"s inclusion will require a steady hand on the part of Marvel Studios, but the studio seems to be making the right decisions when it comes to anything involved with the hero. Shira Haas is an Isreali-born actress, so she can bring a perspective to the role that will be needed in a modern take on the longtime Marvel Hero. 
Sabra, along with the rest of the Captain America: New World Order cast, can be seen when the film hits theaters on May 3, 2024. 


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