New MCU Funko Combines 12 Avengers Into One Historic Set

Funko"s latest Build-A-Scene set is their biggest, allowing Avengers fans to recreate one of Captain America: Civil War"s most iconic scenes. 
The Pop! vinyl figures from Funko have become staples of nearly any fan"s collections, especially when it comes to the MCU. 
With nearly every Marvel Studios release comes a set of these adorable little figurines. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 just had nine of its first Funko Pops announced, showcasing the MCU"s intergalactic team ahead of their return in Spring 2023.
But it isn"t always about the latest and greatest with the Pop! line, as the company takes ample opportunity to look back at the past as well. 
Funko"s Biggest Build-A-Scene SetA new Black Panther Funko Pop! figure has been revealed, which is a part of the brand"s biggest Build-A-Scene set to date as it pays homage to Captain America: Civil War"s airport battle. 
Funko Pop!The T"Challa figurine is one of twelve that will make up the set. 
Funko Pop!With Black Panther, Hawkeye, and Vision currently revealed, the other nine Pops making up the rest of Team Iron Man and Team Cap, have yet to be unveiled. 
Funko Pop!The description on the back of the Black Panther Pop! reads as follows:
Defend humanity with exclusive Pop! Black Panther! Complete your Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War collection with the King of Wakanda in his vibranium mantle and assemble your team to build a scene of your favourite heroes. Vinyl bobblehead is approximately 10.4 cm tall.
The character"s suit looks like it was pulled straight from Civil War, sporting more silver accents on the mask and rigid chevron details along the chest. 
Funko Pop!This set is the largest of the Build-A-Scene series, beating out previous record-holder Spider-Man: No Way Home, which had an eight-figure set. 
Others within the series include the Avengers Deluxe set (six figures), the Guardians of the Galaxy Ship set (six figures), and the Stranger Things: Byers House set (4 figures).
Filling Out Funko"s Civil War RosterNow that three of the 12 Civil War figures have been unveiled as a part of Funko"s latest Build-A-Scene set, it feels like only a matter of time before the rest hit store shelves as well. 
Since fans have gotten two members of Team Iron Man now, it seems likely that the next of these announcements is a member of Team Cap. While it feels like they will keep the heavy hitters like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers for the very end, the best candidates to join the fun next seem to be Paul Rudd"s Ant-Man or Sam Wilson"s Falcon. 
Marvel StudiosThen, from there, the Funko team will likely jump back to Team Tony for a name like Spider-Man or War Machine. 
Marvel StudiosDoing this back and forth, fans will eventually get the full Airport Battle scene, being able to set up their own Pop!-based take on the sequence at home. 
Preorders for the Civil War Black Panther figure are up now, with an official release set for February 27. 
Captain America: Civil War is available to stream on Disney+.


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