Disney+ Christmas: 20 Best Movies & Specials Streaming In 2022 (Marvel, Star Wars & More)

Everybody loves a Christmas movie or show over the holiday season, and Disney+ has plenty to offer from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more.
The Santa Clause DisneyTim Allen"s divorced dad Scott Calvin gets forced into a Christmas adventure of his own in this 1994 classic as his discovery of an injured Santa leaves him magically recruited to take his place and now deliver presents to families around the world. It doesn"t get any more Festive than The Santa Clause
Home Alone DisneyAs far as those annual Christmas re-watches go, nothing gets more famous than Home Alone. After accidentally being left behind alone by his family, eight-year-old Kevin McCallister is forced to put up a fight to defend his home from two festive robbers by any means necessary. 
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York DisneyHome Alone 2: Lost in New York may be the perfect successor to the acclaimed debut installment, as it takes Kevin McCallister away from his family home and leaves him accidentally stranded in the Big Apple. Not only does he bump into two familiar robbers, but also former US President Donald Trump.
The Nightmare Before Christmas DisneyThose looking for a more gothic Tim Burton-esque take on the holiday season will find plenty to love in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Telling the story of Jack Skellington of Halloween Town in a unique stop-motion animation form, this musical sees his attempts to take over Christmas Town.
The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Marvel StudiosThe MCU will take its holiday celebrations one step further in 2022 with the arrival of James Gunn"s Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special on November 25. Just as Chris Pratt"s Star-Lord is sad at Christmas, Drax and Mantis head out on an adventure to get him the greatest gift of all: Hollywood legend Kevin Bacon.
The Muppet Christmas Carol DisneyWhy not spend Christmas with The Muppets in this puppet musical adaptation of Charles Dickens" festive classic tale. Watch the rich and heartless Ebenezer Scrooge realize the error of his ways and learn to love the holidays as he faces visions of his past, present, and future - with the help of three wise ghosts.
Disney’s A Christmas Carol (2011) DisneyFor those looking for a less Muppet-infused take on A Christmas Carol, Disney"s 2011 animated adaptation is also available on Disney+ and provides a far more book-accurate interpretation. And perhaps best of all, Jim Carrey tackles the vocal duties in the lead role of Scrooge.
Iron Man 3 Marvel StudiosRobert Downey Jr."s third MCU solo outing may not rely completely on its Christmas setting, but it remains undeniably a festive movie. Tony Stark forgoes the usual celebrations on Christmas Eve in favor of a mission to stop AIM and save the US President, making Iron Man 3 a must-watch this holiday.
Olaf’s Frozen Adventure DisneyFollowing the events of Frozen, this short film takes Olaf and Sven on an adventure to save the holidays for Anna and Elsa by combing the kingdom for the best festive traditions. Not only does this include celebrations of Christmas, but also Hanukkah and the Winter solstice, making it the perfect holiday celebration.
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas DisneyThe festive sequel to Beauty and the Beast was released in 1997 as a direct-to-video affair and can now be found on Disney+. The musical fantasy boasts delightful songs and all the familiar characters from the original flick as Belle attempts to bring some Christmas joy to the Beast"s castle.
The Santa Clauses Disney+The Santa Clauses acts as a six-episode Disney+ original sequel to Tim Allen"s famous festive film franchise, with the first two installments streaming now and new episodes releasing every Wednesday. Much of the franchise"s famous cast reprise their roles, with Kal Penn entering the fold as a new addition.
Hawkeye Marvel StudiosMarvel Studios turned things up a notch when it comes to Christmas celebrations with Disney+"s Hawkeye - a six-episode festive extravaganza. This has all the usual heart that makes up a usual holiday tale; family, snow, presents, and saving New York at Christmas from a deadly mafia, led by the Scrooge-like Kingpin.
High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special Disney+Starring the cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, this special is packed with holiday music and stories, as well as behind-the-scenes secrets. This festive event is a must-watch for dedicated fans of the Disney+ series and those with 45 minutes to spare.
Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas DisneyThis Disney classic features three anthology stories that include Donald Duck: Stuck on Christmas, A Very Goofy Christmas, and Mickey and Minnie"s Gift of the Magi, on top of a fun musical finale. Fans of this group of icons from the House of Mouse will find plenty of holiday fun in this special feature.
Prep & Landing DisneyA duo of high-tech elves tasked with prepping homes worldwide for Santa"s arrival face unexpected challenges on their mission to save Christmas in this spy/espionage animated adventure. Running for just 20 minutes, Prep & Landing ought to be a fun watch for all the family this festive season. 
LEGO Star Wars: Holiday Special Star WarsThose looking for some festive fun in the galaxy far, far away should take a peak at the LEGO Star Wars: Holiday Special. The brick-built short film takes Rey and BB-8 on a cross-timeline Star Wars adventure, bumping into plenty of fan favorites along the way as she endeavors to make it home in time for the Life Day feast.
Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year DisneyThe usual brigade of Winnie the Pooh"s animal friends come together for a holiday anthology flick that includes both Christmas and New Year"s celebrations. This really is a tale about the true meaning of the festive season that will undoubtedly prove delightful for families with young kids.
The Simpsons DisneyThe Simpsons has 33 seasons streaming Disney+, and throughout the decades the animated mainstay has delivered plenty of festive specials, including the very first episode of the show. The full list of Christmas-themed episodes that are currently streaming on Disney+ can be seen below:
  • "Simpson’s Roasting on an Open Fire" (Season 1, Episode 1)
  • "Marge Be Not Proud" (Season 7, Episode 11)
  • "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace" (Season 9, Episode 10)
  • "Grift of the Magi" (Season 11, Episode 9)
  • "Skinner’s Sense of Snow" (Season 12, Episode 8)*
  • "She of Little Faith" (Season 13, Episode 6)
  • "Tis’ the Fifteenth Season" (Season 15, Episode 7)
  • "Simpson Christmas Stories" (Season 17, Episode 9)
  • "Kill Gil, Volumes I & II" (Season 18, Episode 9)
  • "The Burns and the Bees" (Season 20, Episode 8)*
  • "The Fight Before Christmas" (Season 22, Episode 8)
  • "Holidays of Future Passed" (Season 23, Episode 9)
  • "White Christmas Blues" (Season 25, Episode 8)
  • "I Won’t Be Home for Christmas" (Season 26, Episode 9)
  • "The Nightmare After Krustmas" (Season 28, Episode 10)
  • "Gone Boy" (Season 29, Episode 9)
  • "Tis the 30th Season" (Season 30, Episode 10)
  • "Bobby it’s Cold Outside" (Season 31, Episode 10)
  • "A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas" (Season 32, Episode 10)
Noelle DisneyHaving been among the first Disney+ original movies back in 2019, Noelle stars Anna Kendrick as the daughter of Kris Kringle. But after her brother and Santa-in-training Nick disappears, Noelle must bring him back to the North Pole in time to save Christmas for families around the world.
Godmothered Disney+Taking place over the holiday season, Godmothered introduces Jillian Bell as a young, inexperienced, and untrained fairy godmother. The Disney+ original movie sees Bell"s Eleanor trying to save her profession from extinction by trying to help find a 40-year-old widow her "happily ever after."
All 20 movies, series, and specials included on this list are streaming now on Disney+ in the United States and select regions worldwide.


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