Deadpool 3: Did Hugh Jackman Just Reveal Its Surprising Official Title?

Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine, may have revealed the actual title of the MCU"s Deadpool 3
Back in September of 2022, Deadpool"s Ryan Reynolds dropped one of the biggest entertainment stories of the year when he casually confirmed Hugh Jackman"s return as Wolverine for Marvel Studios" Deadpool 3
But that video was only the beginning. 
In the weeks and months following the internet-shattering reveal, both actors have used video and social media, along with a dash of humor, to update fans and promote the 2024 film. 
Now, a new video from Hugh Jackman has fans thinking the Deadpool 3 announcement trend has continued.
Deadpool 3 Title Revealed? MarvelIn a video by Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine star mentioned "shooting Wolverine and Deadpool," which might be the official title of Marvel Studios" Deadpool 3
Deadpool"s own Ryan Reynolds then commented on the video with the following:
"Also "Wolverine and Deadpool", bub?"
Not only does this further support the idea that Jackman dropped the title, but Reynolds may also be implying that the threequel is actually titled Deadpool and Wolverine with his character being named first. 
Deadpool 3 arrives in theaters on November 8, 2024.


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