Madame Web: Who Is Ezekiel Sims? Spider-Man Villain Explained

A new Spider-Man villain was just revealed in the official Madame Web trailer.
Sony Pictures" upcoming Spider-Man spin-off, starring Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, and Adam Scott, is set to be the first Marvel film of 2024.
The focus on Spider-Woman and being able to see the future are some of the unique qualities shown in the trailer. However, the mysterious villain is a focal point and will be a fierce foe against Madame Web (Johnson).
First Look at Ezekiel Sims Sony PicturesDuring the first trailer for Madame Web, Ezekiel "Zeke" Sims (Tahar Rahim) was shown as the leading antagonist of the film.
Sony PicturesIn the trailer, he was shown in street clothes and fully suited in a black and red skin-tight suit that has a striking similarity to Spider-Man.
Sony PicturesWhile the action is displayed when Zeke is suited in his webbed suit, there appears to be a mental battle happening between him and Dakota Johnson"s Madame Web (Cassandra Webb) in the film.
Sony PicturesOne ability that Madame Werb believes that Zeke has is that he can see into the future, which sets up a good versus evil storyline of controlling time and the surrounding events.
Sony PicturesIt was also mentioned in the trailer that Zeke knew Cassandra"s mother while they were both researching spiders in the Amazon before she died.
Who Is Ezekiel "Zeke" Sims?In Marvel Comics, Ezekiel Sims shares almost identical superhuman attributes with Spider-Man, including enhanced strength, speed, and resistance to injury, all of which don"t diminish despite being portrayed mainly as an elderly businessman.
Similar to Spider-Man, Ezekiel can stick to surfaces and possesses an ability akin to Spider-Man"s spider-sense, although less developed. In the comics, Zeke and Spider-Man sense abilities cancel out on each other.
This could be similar to what was shown in the Madame Web trailer as Cassandra and Zeke have similar traits of being able to see the future and could even the playing field between the two.
In addition to his powers, Ezekiel is a wealthy and skilled businessman with international connections and is proficient in hand-to-hand combat within the comics.
This will likely be the case in Madame Web as he probably won"t swing, but his suit does indicate that his abilities aren"t simply cerebral.
While Madame Web is mainly a hands-off hero, the team of Spider-Women played by Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O"Connor, and Isabela Merced will likely fight Ezekiel.
Madame Web hits theaters on February 14, 2024.


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