Sydney Sweeney's Spider-Woman Explained: Madame Web Connections, Powers & More

The newest trailer for Madame Web has finally given fans their first look at Sydney Sweeney"s Spider-Woman costume, along with showing off more of her powers.
It was confirmed last year that Sydney Sweeney would be playing Julia Carpenter, who in the comics was the second Spider-Woman and eventual successor of Madame Web. But as Dakota Johnson plays the titular superhero clairvoyant, Carpenter likely won"t yet inherit her role or powers.
Sweeney has already expressed how she "liked the personal struggles that the character goes through" in Madame Web, and the trailer shows Sweeney and her co-stars being put through the wringer by Tahar Rahim"s Ezekiel Sims.
Sydney Sweeney Shines in Madame Web TrailerSydney Sweeney stars in Madame Web as Julia Carpenter, the second Madam Web in the comics who inherits the ability to see into the future, but since Dakota Johnson"s Madame Web is alive and well fighting against Tahar Rahim"s Ezekiel Sims, it"s not quite time yet for Carpenter to be handed the mantle.
Sony PicturesInstead, the trailer shows glimpses of Sydney Sweeney wearing Carpenter"s more classic black and white Spider-Woman costume. A far cry from her eventual trenchcoat attire from the comics, which Johnson"s Madame Web sports instead.
Sony PicturesSweeney even sports her mask open in the back to allow her hair to flow freely, as impractical as it might be.
Sony PicturesAnother action shot in the trailer showed Carpenter"s unique psionic webbing from the comics as she fires one at Ezekiel. Something that allows her to bend and shape them freely, unlike Peter Parker"s traditional webbing.
The full trailer can be seen below:
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